Why Every Woman Should Try Powerlifting

Wanna feel like a badass?

Boss Workouts Shape and Burn

As women, we grew up being told by magazines, our friends, and even our mothers, that the only way to get slim and fit is through cardio. Endless amounts of fucking cardio. However, that notion is slowly shifting. Today, we see women with beautiful body shapes that have replaced cardio with some heavy-ass weights

Lucy Sewell Powerlifting Deadlifts

Just take a look at the likes of Lucy Sewell, Andrea Brazier, and Su Farrell. All three of these women do limited amounts of cardio but have fantastic, lean, and muscular bodies. What else do these women have in common? They all practice the trio of compound lifts used in powerlifting.

Andrea Brazier Squats

At a competitive level, powerlifting consists of only three lifts: the squat, deadlift, and bench press. However, when you’re training for it, you also use additional accessory exercises that strengthen other areas of your body. So, if you’re searching for a full-body workout that will get you ripped, build muscle, and make you feel like a badass, powerlifting is the answer!


It Makes You Superhero Strong

Have you ever struggled to carry all of the groceries up a flight of stairs? Or felt embarrassed having to ask a guy to open a jar for you? Powerlifting firmly puts an end to those problems by building epic all-over strength.

Sammy Swoles Deadlifting

The goal of powerlifting is to lift the weight for a single rep. Yeah, just one lonely rep. However, this is your maximum possible weight when squatting, deadlifting, and bench pressing, so it isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. What this does is train your muscles to grow, to be strong, and resilient, which is a real benefit that transfers over to all aspects of life. Like that time when you’re heaving a massive suitcase around the airport. Need help? Nah, I’ve got this.

Bench Press

Tiffany Leung Deadlifts

It Melts Fat At A Rate Of Knots

Ok, so looking at some powerlifters, you wouldn’t believe this is true…

Eddie Hall Deadlifting

However, looking at others, you’ll see that these strong sisters are super shredded! With the right methods, powerlifting can be employed to shed fat as well as be a functional form of fitness. To build up to your one rep max (1RM), you need to do many sets of light weight for reps, lifting 80% of your max for 4–5 reps.

ejanss powerlifter

This warm-up builds some fine-looking muscle, and it burns calories too, giving you the perfect opportunity to show off your new gains! Hold this up to the mirror of cardiovascular exercise, which does burn calories, but fails to build muscle and takes a stupidly long time. Do you see why powerlifting is the real winner?

Get shredded with bench press

sammy swoles powerlifting

You Feel Like A Badass

We all remember how intimidating it was to enter the weight room when we first started lifting. Yes, we still get a little embarrassed when grabbing 10-pound dumbbells from the rack when everyone else is putting up 80+ pounds each side. However, powerlifting firmly kicks that feeling out the door, making you feel strong, empowered, and like an absolute bad ass!



The science behind this is as you are training for a new personal best, your body pumps adrenaline into your system to cope with the physical stress, thus increasing your blood pressure, strength, and the speed glycogen converts into glucose, which provides energy to your muscles. After you’ve smashed that 1RM, you get a release of endorphins, the pleasure hormone, as your body rewards you for a job well done!

NOTE: Spot Me Girl cannot be held responsible for excessive compliments from other gym-goers as a result of your new-found powerlifting prowess.

Cynthia Leu Deadlift Record

It Works Every Muscle Group In Your Body

When you’re running late but still need to get your workout in, powerlifting provides an excellent full-body workout in a short amount of time. The three compound movements used in powerlifting may seem like they only focus on one body part at a time, but your entire body to execute the lift.

squats powerlifting

Sure, squats work your legs, but they also require you to brace your core, tighten your back, and keep your arms and shoulders steady against the bar. Similarly, deadlifts are seen as a back-centric lift, but you are using your legs to drive the weight up, your shoulders and arms to lock-out at the top, and your abs to keep everything balanced.

Ahhh, but what about the bench press? Good luck trying to bench using only your chest muscles. Try pushing into the floor with your legs, engaging your lats and shoulders, and using your chest and triceps in conjunction to pop the weight up. By using your entire body in the lift, you’ll not only be able to move more weight, but you’ll get a speedy all-over muscle-building workout at the same time.

Female bench press

It Makes You Look Like This…

Powerlifting makes you stronger. It also helps you to lose fat and build muscle. Oh, and it also makes you aesthetic as hell!

Take Joy Nnamani as an example. This powerlifting beauty weighs just 110 pounds and recently broke the IPF record in her weight class with a massive 396-pound deadlift! You could also grate cheese using her abs.Joy Nnamani Record Deadlift

You may have seen photos of Julia Vins across the Internet. That’s because she has a stunning face of a porcelain doll and a killer bod built by squats, deadlifts, and bench press. It’s easy to see how she earned the nickname “Muscle Barbie.”

Julia Vins is Muscle Barbie

If you’re still not convinced that powerlifting will give you a beautiful physique, check out Cynthia Leu.
As well as having a phenomenal figure, this bad ass lifter can squat over 240 pounds! Meanwhile, I struggle to get my damn sports bra off…

Cynthia Leu Squats

Cynthia Leu

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