Can Resistance Band Training Help In Gaining Muscle Mass?

With the advancement of science and the general curiosity amongst people, we have been noticing different types and ways of exercising to stay in shape. People have been experimenting with new things to stay fit while enjoying the whole process.

One of the most common reasons people stop working out is because they find it mundane and boring. They dread the idea of going to the gym every day and hopping on a treadmill, or spending some time amongst muscle heads in the weights section.

One of the rising trends in the fitness industry has been resistance band training. People have been using this form of training for getting in shape and even building muscle mass. But the biggest question which arises is, can resistance band training help in gaining muscle mass?

An Introduction To Resistance Band Training


Resistance bands were invented in 1896 when a Swiss man named Gustav Gossweiler registered a patent for the bands to be used as an instrument for exercise. The bands these days are a major improvement from the first invention.

One of the biggest reasons this exercising equipment has found its place in many gyms and gym bags is the convenience it brings because of being portable. You can carry it with you to a gym or even for a vacation.

The other reason these bands have gained so much popularity is because they are cheap. While buying dumbbells and barbells can cost you a fortune, these bands are relatively cheaper and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

These bands are also incredibly effective for newbies in the gym as they help them get a taste of what is to come. They are also a great tool for the oldies as they are easy to control and provide a degree of safety. Resistance bands are also a great workout equipment to keep at home.

Does It Work?

Keeping the convenience and affordability aside, are these resistance bands actually worth it? Do these bands actually add muscle mass to your physique?

Or are they just another piece of equipment people get to make themselves feel better about their physical state?

Good For Newbies


Resistance bands can be of great help for the newbies. These bands can help the newcomers get a taste of muscle soreness before they start lifting the unforgiving iron. This prepares their bodies for what is to come.

But the catch here is, newbies aren’t newbies forever. Just like with dumbbells or barbells, you can grow too strong for a particular band and it can stop having the effects on your bodies the way it did in the beginning.

To combat this problem, you can get yourself a new pair of resistance bands every once in a while. These bands come vary in size and strength. While the smaller or beginner bands can be easy to work with, the bigger the bands get, the harder they make your muscles work.

The Problem With Resistance Bands

The biggest problem with resistance bands is what is keeping it from going mainstream. The resistance and tension these bands provide at the beginning of an exercise are at it lowest. It is at its highest at the end of the movement when the band is completely stretched.

This scenario can be good for a few exercises like the bicep curl but it won’t get you the best results in other exercises like the side lateral raises or bench press. These exercises need similar tension and resistance on the eccentric part of the movement.

The Best Use Of Resistance Bands

1. Warm-Ups

Apart from being a great tool for the newbies, these resistance bands can be incredibly effective in warming up for your workout. Take a band and spend five minutes with it before getting into your workout. This will warm up your muscles and get them ready for complete annihilation.

2. Get a Quick Pump

Pro bodybuilders use bands for warming up before they get on stage. Resistance bands are one of the best ways of getting a quick pump. If you have a date coming up or an occasion where you want to look buff, pull out the bands and work your muscles.

3. Finishers

Some people use the bands as finishers at the end of their workouts. A couple of sets with resistance bands at the end of your workouts can help you completely exhaust your muscles and get an intense pump.

4. Workout at Home

Resistance bands are a must for the people who say they don’t have enough time to hit the gym every day. These people can use the bands as per their convenience at home or in a hotel if they’re traveling. Something is better than nothing.

3. Combine The Two

One of the best ways to build muscle mass with resistance bands is to combine it with weights. Pro bodybuilders and powerlifters have been doing this recently and this technique has worked for many of them. Doing this compensates for the shortcoming of each type of training.

Combining weights and bands results in greater resistance, stimulus, and volume which then results in greater gains. On exercises like deadlifts, squats and bench press you can use loop bands which have a force of 50 to 120 pounds. This will help take your gains to the next level.

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