Resistance Training: How You Can Achieve Your Dream Physique

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Most people get a gym membership to undergo a transformation. For the unaware, the idea of carving their physiques is to spend countless hours on the cardio equipment. Hardly do they know this is not doing anything for them.

Many women think lifting weights will make them gain muscle mass and they will start looking manly. This is complete BS! Women can’t build the same amount muscle mass as men because they lack testosterone. Testosterone is the ‘male hormone’ responsible for the muscle gain.

Resistance Training: How You Can Achieve Your Dream Physique

If you want to tone-shape-build your physique, it’s time you start lifting weights. Lifting weights strengthen your cardiovascular system, shapes your muscles and help you in burning the excess fat on your body. Resistance training has more benefits than it is credited for.

Resistance Training: How You Can Achieve Your Dream Physique

1. Gain Muscle Mass

The reason your body gets in shape after lifting weights is because your muscles are getting firmer and stronger. Spending all your time on a treadmill isn’t going to get you anywhere if your primary focus is to build muscle and tone your body,

If you’re serious about your gains, you should be following a bodybuilding program. If you don’t have a training routine, ask for help from a professional and develop the plan with him keeping your goals in mind.

2. Lose Fat

Cardio isn’t always the answer when it comes to burning fat. If you spend too much time doing cardio, your body will get used to it and will hit a plateau. Pumping iron act as a shock to your body and help with the weight loss.

Weightlifting principles like hypertrophy can be incredibly effective in losing fat and building muscle at the same time. This principle also helps with conditioning your cardiovascular system since you’re supposed to take only 30-45 seconds of rest between sets.

3. Build Strength

Strength is an integral part of weight lifting. You can see an increase in your strength as you start lifting weights. If one of your goals is to build strength when starting resistance training, you will be better of doing compound exercise.

Compound exercise uses multiple muscle groups and joints and makes you strong at functional movements you do in your day to day life. You will see yourself getting stronger and as an effect feeling lighter.

 4. Improve Mobility, Balance, and Posture

Weight lifting helps you in more ways than it is credited for. Posture and form play a significant role while lifting weights. The form you learn while performing your exercises is carried forward to your everyday life.

Working with weights also helps with your mobility and flexibility. If you’ve mobility problems, lifting weights can be a great solution to this problem. There are certain exercises which can help you build balance by teaching you how to control your body weight.

5. Build Endurance

Woman practicing deadlifts

Weight training can help you with building endurance. Every time you push yourself and train to failure, you’re training your cardiovascular system to do better the next time. Not to mention the shredded appeal which comes with annihilating your muscles.

Lifting weights might also slow down the ageing process in some cases. Resistance training helps with improving your cognitive functions which help with keeping you on top of your senses and performing optimally.

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