5 Strength Building Strategies For Women

Try these time-tested methods to get stronger

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If the primary reason why you work out isn’t to improve your health or look good in front of a mirror, then perhaps you do it to get stronger? Well, even if increasing your strength isn’t your primary goal, making it easy to perform a difficult physical job without breaking a sweat can be really helpful.

But to get really strong, you need to build your workout in such a way that you could experience how every training session makes you a little bit stronger. To do so, start doing the things listed below.

5 Time-Tested Strength-Building Strategies For Insane Strength Gains

1. Use Free Weights

While some people suggest performing cable, body weight, or any other type of exercises, the truth is that free weights are the best for developing strength. This is because while using free weights, the human body works in the way in which its muscles are supposed to be used.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should stop using machines or avoid doing cable and body weight exercises. Just make sure that you spend at least two-thirds of your time while lifting free weights.

2. Concentrate on Doing Five Reps

Most bodybuilders perform 8-12 reps or even more as it helps to exhaust the muscles without overtraining or injuring the body. But if you’re more interested in strength gains than sculpting your body, then completing five reps is what you should aim for.

By performing five reps, you might not be able to completely exhaust your muscles as efficiently as while doing 8-12 reps, but by performing fewer reps while using heavier weights, you’ll be able to break your own strength limits and advance even further.

3. Maintain a Proper Form

When people try using heavier weights, they often start to perform exercises without completing a full range of motion or making other mistakes. This is the primary reason why it’s recommended to avoid doing more than five reps.

Of course, it isn’t wrong to complete more reps if you’re capable of completing these reps correctly. But if it’s too hard for you, then just stick with five reps and gradually increase the weights you use when you get stronger.

4. At Least Once a Month Try Lifting as Heavy as You Can

To be sure that you really get stronger by increasing your strength, nerve connectivity, and pain threshold as well as make yourself more motivated to continue your training, at least once a month test your limits by lifting as heavy as you can.

If you want, you can do it every two weeks, but you should avoid doing it too often as it’ll take too much of your time that you could use to complete a regular workout. Try completing well-known exercises like bench presses, deadlifts, squats, and similar movements as these exercises are really great when it comes to seeing your training results.

5. Try Something New

Even if it’s recommended to complete five reps while training for strength gains and complete most of your exercises with free weights, it doesn’t mean that you can’t try something new.

By trying new things, you might be able to make your workout even more effective and fun than by following old-school rules. If you won’t try something new, you’ll never learn how to move beyond your limits. So, don’t be too conservative and give a try to new ideas.

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