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7 Exercises to Develop Your Brute Strength

Some people exercise to look fit, while others do it to be healthy or for any other reason. However, there are also those who don’t care about such trifles and work out just to develop their brute strength.

If you’re one of those guys, then it might be useful for you to concentrate on exercises that are more suitable for developing raw strength rather than making your muscles more visible.

Do These Exercises to Get as Strong as a Bull

1. Push-Ups With an Additional Weight

Doing regular push-ups might be too easy if you’re an experienced athlete. But they can give an incredible boost in your strength if you perform them while using an additional weight.

Everything you need to do to perform them is the same as with regular push-ups. But before doing them, lie down on the floor and add one or more plates on your back. If you work out together with your gym buddy or a trainer, ask them to do it for you.

2. Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups

Both pull-ups and chin-ups are great when it comes to learning how to use your own body weight and develop raw strength and flexibility. The primary difference between these exercises is that chin-ups are better for developing the biceps, while pull-ups for the back.

So, you can add both of them to your workout. If they are too easy while doing them only with your body weight, use additional weight to make more challenging and rewarding.

3. Front Squats

It’s almost necessary to do squats to build strong and gigantic legs. But you shouldn’t forget that there are different variations of squats that you can do to further develop not only your legs but also other muscles.

One of the examples is front squats. They might be more difficult to perform if you do them for the first time, but they can improve you by teaching you to lift a lot of weight while keeping your body stabilized.

Other great squat variations are overhead, Zercher, and Bulgarian squats. All of them are good for one or another reason, so you should try them at least once.

4. Farmer’s Walk

If sitting or standing is too boring for you, then start doing farmer’s walks. They give an incredible boost in your leg and forearm strength as well as train many other muscles at the same time.

Also, you can do them by walking straight, backward, or side to side, so there are many ways how to target your muscles and keep your training interesting.

5. Bent-Over Barbell Rows

Using heavy weights is a time-tested way to get stronger. So, performing bent-over barbell rows is a great exercise to get stronger by lifting heavy. This is the reason why this exercise can be often found in many bodybuilders’ workouts. If you need some variety, you can use the dumbbells instead of the barbell.

6. Close Grip Bench Press

Regular bench presses target the chest and triceps, However, doing it in a regular way gives little work to the triceps. So, if you want to target this muscle, go for close grip bench presses.

Everything is the same as doing bench presses, but you need to do them while holding your arms close to one another. Also, it’s recommended to start with lighter weights as it gives a lot more work to the triceps, the muscle which is smaller than the chest.

7. Barbell Shoulder Press

You can perform this exercise while standing or sitting. If you decide to do it while sitting, it’ll give you an additional support, so it can help you to lift heavier weights.

If you do while standing, it’ll give additional work to your back, legs, and core. Moreover, you can use the dumbbells to make this exercise even more effective for developing your strength.

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