Top 6 Weight Lifting Mistakes Women Make

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Just getting started on a weight lifting program? The great news is that you have made the decision to start performing the most effective form of exercise you could possibly do. You are one step ahead of many women out there who shy away from weight lifting entirely and instead turn to hours and hours of cardio training.

That said, as you get going with this weight lifting protocol, you do need to be making sure that you are completing it properly so that you go on to see results, not experience overtraining, injury, or a lack of results.

Many women do make some critical errors as they go about their strength training protocol and this can lead to slow if not non-existent progress, which then means a high level of frustration.

Let’s have a look at six of the top weight lifting mistakes that you need to be sure to avoid.

Being Afraid Of Heavier Weights

The first and biggest mistake that’s made time and time again is being afraid of lifting heavy weights. Many women want to focus on toning their body and think that heavy weights are just going to cause them to get big and bulky.

This is not the case. Remember that as a woman, you don’t have anywhere near the testosterone levels in your system to develop a high degree of muscle mass. Furthermore, developing bulky muscles takes a high amount of food each and every day and most women are on a chronic diet so they just won’t be providing the calories required.

So put those fears to rest.

Lift heavy and you’ll boost your metabolism, burn fat, and actually see progress. Heavy weight lifting is what you should focus on, not light weight, high rep training. You’re stronger than you think. Push yourself and you’ll see faster results.

Relying On Isolation Movements

Next, another critical error that’s often made by many women is relying far too much on isolation exercises. There may be one particular body part that you want to firm up so you think you’ll hit it with a targeted isolation movement.

You do crunches to work the abs.

You do donkey kicks to work the butt.

You do dips to work the under arms.

While this isn’t to say these exercises can’t have a place in your workout program, they are far from the ideal movements to be doing.

Focus on compound exercises – bench press, bent over rows, squats, deadlifts, lunges, shoulder presses, lat pull-downs, and so on. These will give you far more ‘bang for your buck’ in terms of the calories they burn and the strength gains you’ll see.

They need to form the foundation of your program and then you can add those isolation exercises to them if you wish.

Taking Lengthy Rest Periods

The next vital error that far too many women make as they go about their workout is turning it into a social affair. Remember, you are there to exercise – not catch up with your workout buddy on what all happened the last week.

If you are chatting up a partner or someone else in the gym between sets, you’re not going to be creating the desired effect in your body you need to see results.

Schedule time for socialization after your workout is over if you want while having a post workout meal.

Stick to shorter rest periods and you’ll see greater fat burning and faster results.

Neglecting Certain Areas Of The Body

The next pivotal error that’s often made by many women is neglecting to train certain areas of their body. The most common one for many women is the chest.

They believe that if they work their chest muscles, their breasts will get smaller – something they definitely don’t want.

What you need to realize with this one is the fact that smaller breasts are not the result of exercising the chest muscles. If anything, exercising your chest muscles will enhance your look as it’ll create a stronger image of cleavage as it draws the breast tissue together.

The reason some women will get smaller breasts as they go about their workouts has more to do with their body fat percentage. Remember that your breast tissue is primarily fat tissue, so if you’re losing body fat and getting to very low levels, the fat from the breasts will be some of the first fat to go.

If you eat right and maintain adequate body fat levels, you shouldn’t run into this issue at all.

Starting With Cardio Training

The fifth mistake that’s made a little too often by women going about their workout session is starting with a high volume of cardio training.

Remember, cardio training, if you are going to be doing it in that session, should come after your weight lifting, never before.

If you do it before the session, this is only going to take away from the amount of energy you have to do your workouts with and that if anything will lead to lack of results.

Cardio should be an afterthought. Weight lifting is what will get you the best results anyway and if you’re doing a proper program and eating right, that will be enough to produce the body image you’re after.

Not Eating Well For Recovery

Finally, the last error that you want to make sure you aren’t making is not eating well for recovery purposes. Many women are always dieting so are constantly trying to take in fewer and fewer calories.

But, after your workout session is completed, your body is going to be crying out for energy and nutrients, so it’s imperative that you give it them. Now is not the time to be skipping over meals.

Get a post workout meal in consisting of both carbohydrates and dietary protein and you are going to fare a whole lot better as far as your progress is concerned.

So make sure that you keep these mistakes in mind as you go about your training protocol and take steps to avoid them. If you want to see optimal success, they should not be a part of the picture.

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