6 Workout Mistakes You HAVE To Stop Making

These things are holding you back from your true potential

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Being new to lifting means you are open to a world of advice from people that don’t even lift, myths, and plenty of posts from someone trying to sell you something.

There’s no wonder that you can’t make any progress, but how do you fix it? Below we’ll go over 6 different mistakes you’re probably making.

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6 Workout Mistakes You’re Probably Making

1. You’re too obsessed with porn

Just like a narcotic will artificially stimulate parts of the brain giving rise to positive feelings, pornography stimulates parts of the brain associated with sexual pleasure and fulfillment. When we start to get fulfillment from things that are fake hyper-stimulants it begins to hardwire our brains to situations and ideas that ruin our chances at building positive pathways.

Basically for all you non-nerds, by constantly watching videos of gym orgies on your favorite porn site, you are ruining your chances at thinking of REAL and POSSIBLE goals. Porn usage has been proven to reduce productivity and results in almost every aspect of life.

Porn ruins goals and ambitions we have because of how it effects and wires our brains. And trust me bro, that gym orgy is never going to happen. No seriously, NEVER.

2. You don’t follow a workout program

Are you familiar with the word split? If you just said NO, you’re sunk. Find a program and stick to it. Nothing screams newbie more than the dough-head that runs around the gym using every machine in sight.

Make sure you find a detailed program that lists exactly what and when to do things. Hundreds and hundreds exist online; make sure to find one that suits your body type and situation! Don’t know where to start? Start with one of our workout routines you can do at home.

3. You change things up too often

“Muscle confusion” is a term that has ruined more bodybuilders than they have helped. Confusing your muscles can be pretty confusing. What does confusing the muscle even mean?

Traditionally people assume it means doing a different workout every day, never mastering a movement, never developing specific strengths, and missing out on staple gains.

Confusing the muscle is great! But confusing it the wrong way is detrimental… and not making gains sucks. So, what is good confusion?

Let me explain, keep doing your bench press, but instead of switching workouts (and using the dreaded bench press machine) try variations! Some staple good confusion variation methods are drop sets and supersets!

The problem with muscle confusion is that you do not have a great way to actually make progress. How do you build muscle if you don’t make your body adapt to the resistance?

See the next page for three more rookie mistakes…

4. You are fiending for a six pack

You want nothing more than a shredded six pack! Six packs are sexy, there’s no doubt. But by obsessively working your abs out you’ve been missing out on the rest of your body.

All those “low-key” mid workout ab glimpses that we’ve all seen you “secretly” do, have been distracting you from looking at the rest of that lumpy and mushy bod.


Stop obsessing over your non-existent six pack. Work your abs out like you work your biceps out; routinely and when your split demands it.

5. You think it’ll happen overnight

Are you disappointed by the results of your 7-day challenge? Obviously. The only thing that’s changed in the past 7 days is the amount of people on Instagram who have un-followed you because they are sick of your new #fitfam posts.

A sexy physique takes years. Science says it takes 3 months for others to notice and 6 months for you to notice. Looks like those #fitfam posts aren’t stopping anytime soon.

6. You do cardio first

My muscles aren’t growing! I just don’t seem to have the energy to lift after my 2-hour elliptical stint. Oh really?


Firstly, keep cardio to a minimum for weight loss and gains. Lift first. Lift second. And lift third. Cardio is number 45948484 on the list.


Quit jumping around to different workouts, actually stick to a workout, do cardio last, and quit thinking this is going to happen over the next few weeks.

Follow these tips if you want to make some real gains.

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