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Smash Your Next Ab Session Using These 4 Underrated Ab Exercises

It’s a tremendous shame that some of the most essential and effective abs exercises are often underrated at the gym. Most probably they are not flashy or exciting – but definitely – they are very effective to build a strong core.

underrated abs exercise

As a matter of fact, building a strong core and abs is the foundation of all athletics. Whether it be just doing the cardiovascular exercises or getting under some serious weight lifting, you must have strong abs and a strong core

5 Underrated Ab Exercises

There are plenty of moves you already know but can’t be bothered to do just because they are awkward or they take the time to learn. Well, it’s time to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and give these four underrated abs exercise a try and see the gains.

1. Decline Leg Raises or Reverse Crunches

decline leg raise

This is one of the most advanced exercises on the list that not only targets the abs but also engages your hips and core – but mainly the lower abs are the most affected. The exercise does appear too advanced and if you are reluctant to perform it in the very first attempt, you can do it on the floor and then gradually shift towards the decline leg raise bench.

Basically, the decline version puts a greater stress on your lower abs which is important for them to grow, especially when you are dying to have a glimpse of them.

2. Decline Bench Sit-Up

Decline Bench Sit-Up

While I’m not a big fan of the decline exercises for abs but the main reason is them being extremely effective for your abs. It’s very similar to the normal crunches but with the only variation that your body is declined at approximately a 45-degree angle and ankles hooked on the top of the bench. Not to mention that it’s actually difficult and you might be able to do just 3-5 reps in your first attempt.

However, you can take a short pause in between the reps and eventually move up going through the entire set. Once you are a pro, you can take it to the next level by grabbing a barbell in your hand and doing the sit up.

3. Hanging Leg Raise

hanging leg raise

Just tell honestly…How many times you’ve performed this exercise or you see other individuals at the gym executing it? Hardly a few despite the fact that it’s highly effective for the lower abs.

This can be executed on the chin up bar or the chest dip machine. If you are a beginner and doing it on the chin up bar, use the ab straps. Once in position, gradually raise your knees towards your chest. You can also raise your legs towards your chest as much as you can but that’s quite difficult. Try not to swing your body while you raise the legs.

4. Planks


You must TRUST the plank. If your abs workout is missing this exercise, then you’re missing your abs and a strong core. It’s actually the foundation for doing proper push-ups. If you are the one who suffers from saggy hip syndrome, then adding planks to your routine can help you get rid of it.

Moreover, planks also help build a stronger squat and deadlift as it strengthens and stabilizes your core. You might see people at the gym who are capable to use a leg press to lift a house but their squats is something they struggle with just because of a weak core. Planks help to develop a better posture, workout on your abs, and builds the shoulder girdle muscles.

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