7 Must-Do Exercises to Torch Abdominal Fat and Strengthen Your Abs

Do two things at the same time.

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While it’s particularly easy to see gains on your arms and legs, it’s the exact opposite if we speak about abs. Many people struggle to see their abdominals because it requires to not only grow these muscles but also to burn quite a lot of body fat.

Fat burning works especially well when combined with a low-calorie healthy diet and plenty of abs exercises. Here, we’re going to concentrate on the exercises that could help you to burn the excess body fat and strengthen your abs at the same time.

1. Fingers to Toes

Start this exercise by lying down on your back while keeping your legs straight and arms down by your sides. Continue by simultaneously exhaling and contracting your abs while crunching up your waist until you extend your hands towards your raised feet. Then, return to the starting position and repeat the same cycle again.

2. Scissors

Lie down on your back and place your fingers under your head. Raise your left knee and touch it to your right elbow. Immediately after performing this action, do the same process with your right knee and left elbow. Perform this side-to-side process without stopping, so your abs are constantly working.

3. Leg Swings

Lie down on the floor and put your arms out to side while raising your feet up. Continue the exercise by moving your legs to the right side until your feet get close to the floor while keeping your abs engaged. Perform the same motion on the left side and then return to the right side.


4. Squats

While squats are well-known for being one of the most effective exercises to strengthen legs and your lower back, the truth is they are also great for training your abs. Both back and front squats give plenty of work to the abs as they are needed to keep an upright position. Also, if you want to strengthen your abs even more while squatting, try to use heavy weights.

Make sure to perform squats properly by grasping a bar while holding it with your hands at shoulder width. Take the bar out of a rack and move back by setting your feet at shoulder width position. Squat until your butt gets close to the ground while keeping your back straight and move your body back to the starting position.

5. Leg Raises

Lie down on the floor and grab a chair or something else that you could help you to support yourself while performing this exercise. Slowly raise your legs while keeping them straight until your legs reach a 90-degree angle. End the exercise by returning your legs to the ground.

6. Weighted Sit-up

This exercise is similar to regular sit-ups but is performed while holding weights to give additional work to your abs. Also, it works great when you need to burn abdominal fat because it burns more calories than regular sit-ups through the increased intensity.

Begin this exercise by lying down on the ground while holding a weight plate in your hands. Also, bend your knees until they make a 90-degree angle and make sure to keep your feet on the ground. Everything else goes the same way as with regular sit-ups; just sit up all the way until your upper body can’t move any further.

7. Dip Raise

Use your hands to get onto a dip bar and raise your legs until they reach a 90-degree angle. Make a short pause while keeping your legs in this position and lower them to the starting point. If you’re tired, you can perform the same action while lying on the ground, but in this case, your arms won’t receive the additional work.

So, try not to wimp out.

See the video about how to boost your metabolism below:

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