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Develop Sexy Abs With These 7 Unique Workouts

Abs workout is often neglected or if not, never appreciated. Whereas, training them twice or thrice a week helps to strengthen the core and of course, develop those sexy six packs. And whether you are a man or woman, everybody loves to have a flat stomach with a well-sculpted set of abs bulging out.

The fact that a healthy diet makes up a good set of abs be kept aside, you also need to add some serious workouts to your routine that will sculpt them.


So, here are 7 incredible flat belly workouts, that will not only torch the belly fat but also help to develop six packs. This mix and match of different workouts takes only 20 minutes to perform but challenges your body on a whole new level of intensity.

Flat Belly Workout For Sexy Abs

You should try any one of these workouts, that suits you the best, at the end of your regular gym training. Believe me, it’s worth spending an extra 20-minutes at the gym.

1. Kayla Itsines Flat Abs In 20 Minute Workout

At the end of this workout, your abs will be screaming like hell. Also, there is very little rest period in between the exercises, so it’ll keep your heart rate high throughout burning more calories, and eventually flattening your belly.

Kayla Itsines Flat Abs In 20 Minute Workout

You’ll be executing two circuits, and each comprises of three exercises with high rep range.

2. 450 Reps Abs On Fire Medicine Ball Workout

Brace yourselves to work on these five ridiculously intense exercises where you’ll be doing 450 reps, randomly divided and of course, noticing a dramatic change in your abs at the end. If you execute it with an average pace, it’ll hardly take 20-30 minutes but will stress you out. Also, there is no rest in between these exercises.

450 Reps Abs On Fire Medicine Ball Workout

3. Flat Abs In 5

Well, if you aren’t willing to invest 20-minutes, this is a 5-minute workout with five different exercises for your abs. You’ll be spending exactly 1-minute on each exercise, doing the maximum amount of reps and there will be no rest in between.

Flat Abs In 5

4. The 8-Minute Bikini Abs Workout

The 8-minute bikini abs workout includes two circuits with eight exercises, four each and absolutely no rest in between. You’ll be hitting your abs in possibly every angle for maximum gains and strength.

The 8-Minute Bikini Abs Workout

5. Pump & Iron Medicine Ball Core Workout

We all have been doing the medicine ball exercise, but have you every performed a full workout with it? You’ll be doing each exercise for roughly 30-seconds at a high pace and with no rest in between.

 Pump & Iron Medicine Ball Core Workout

6. Strong Core Circuit Workout

Though there are only four exercises in this workout but the rep range is high, 50 each and to your good, 60-90 seconds rest after every circuit. You have to keep your pace average to high for every exercise and maintain your balance.

Strong Core Circuit Workout

7. 5-Minute Plank Workout

Doing planks seems really easy than done. In fact, you’ll be sweating doing a full 1-minute of planks. This workout targets your abs, chest, butt, back and core. You’ll be doing five different types of planks with no rest in between.

5-Minute Plank Workout

Wrapping It Up

Abs need to be trained in order to get them to show, but abs are made in the kitchen. Work on cleaning up your diet and making sensible choices with your food if you really want your abs to pop.

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