“Ab Crack” Is The Latest Ridiculous Instagram Trend

The new thigh gap

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What the hell is an ab crack? And why is this even a thing? It is unfortunate that this kind of body rubbish is being presented to us. First thigh gap, now this.


Ab crack was a term presented to us all by Elle magazine. No, it has nothing to do with your butt crack. So, what is it exactly? Well, ab crack refers to the visible line down the middle of your stomach, which splits six-pack abs. I am going to go ahead and debunk this unrealistic trend right now. As we look at another ridiculous beauty standard, the “ab crack”  trend is only attainable by those with a particular muscle formation.


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Ridiculous beauty standards for women have always existed. Ab crack is like the new thigh gap and is just as dangerous. These body shaming hashtags and unobtainable beauty trends are promoting body insecurities. They are showing girls that their bodies are never going to be good enough or thin enough.


Remember that these trends do not indicate that someone is in really good shape or even healthy. It has to do with genetics and not necessarily how much you are working out. There are plenty of naturally thin people who eat like crap and don’t work out. Just as there are overweight people who eat healthily and workout daily.  So, please don’t get your panties in a bunch and turn into some crazy workout and diet freak.


We have to differentiate between practicalities here. I consider myself a fairly fit person, and I have come to accept that because of genetics, I may never have those six-pack abs, let alone an ab crack. There are always going to be those new trends in the media that spark our fancy, but we cannot oblige. These trends do not take body type and genetics into consideration. Photoshop also plays a key role, but that’s a whole different story.

Do me a favor and promise to love your body and not buy into these hashtags.


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