Ladies, Are You Capable Of Achieving These 5 Types Of Orgasms?

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Some say that motherhood is the epitome of female existence. I say the primordial moments of sexual awakening is the epitome of female existence. It is the unforgettable first few moments of self-discovery (and assisted discovery, *wink*) that opens Pandora’s box to a full view.

This sensation has been branded by puritanical charlatans since immemorial time as a forbidden pleasure plaguing humanity. And as the man upstairs weeps for humankind, this special activity continues to evolve.

The female orgasm, often seen as uncommon, has more than just one route. Here’s a rundown of humanity’s greatest achievement in the field of sexual climax:

1. Clitoral Orgasm

This is probably the most primitive and popular among the types. It has been cited in Sigmund Freud’s controversial Psychosexual Theory of Development, theorizing that playing with lady parts is perfectly natural during early childhood. Research suggests that this is the female equivalent of a penile orgasm: localized, short-lasting, and explosive—like the Fourth of July.naughty-naughty_o_444191

2. Vaginal Orgasm 

Achieving this long-lasting whole body orgasm can be tricky. For starters, locating the elusive Grafenberg spot, A.K.A. G-spot, can be a little difficult. The G-spot is a mass of tissue located about an inch and a half up the front wall of the vagina. It’s like mining for gold. Claimed to be the most erogenous zone in a woman’s body, not all women can climax through vaginal stimulation. Some critics even claim it’s nonexistent, women are basically faking pleasure and sexual satisfaction through the vag.cosregasm (1)

3. Blended Orgasm 

Two pleasure points simultaneously climaxing is always better than one. A mixed orgasm can be achieved while simultaneously touching the clitoris and humping. It is invariably wise to have a trusty back-up, just in case one is being annoyingly uncooperative. Try both and the result is one big promising “O” version 2.0.EMCjIRb

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4. Coregasm 

Now this is a relatively new way to climax without necessarily employing the traditional route to kingdom come. And yes, judging by its name, it involves core exercises. It is “less intense” but still pleasurable according to Debby Herbenick, PhD, a sex researcher and author of The Coregasm Workout. The prelude of a coregasm is intense cardio and ab exercises to the point of fatigue. Thereafter, it slowly trickles down the nether regions. Who would’ve thought sculpting our rectus abdominis also has the potential to take us to new heights of euphoria.britney-spears-work-it-bitch15. Skin Orgasm 

Often dismissed as ordinary chills or goosebumps, there is much more to it, ladies. Powerful music, especially classical riddled with crescendos and sudden chord changes, triggers skin orgasm. So, when a song is so good, it gives you goosebumps, you’re having a skin orgasm. tumblr_n7cgqujYrz1sial0xo10_250

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