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Reduce Your Waist Size With These 4 Exercises

As long as you have a large waist, it doesn’t feel like you’re really fit and attractive, right? If you feel so too, then making sure your waist becomes thinner is important in making yourself not only healthier and better as an athlete but also more attractive to yourself and people around you.

Reduce Your Waist Size With These 4 Exercises 2

To make it easier for you to decrease your waist size, it’s recommended to not only increase the number of different exercises you do for your waist but also burn more calories by doing cardio or spending more time by training your other body parts.

Also, you can do it by dieting. So, decreasing your caloric intake, eating fiber-rich foods, drinking more fluids like water, tea, or coffee, and increasing the metabolism speed can help you to lower your waist size.

Reduce Your Waist Size and Look More Attractive by Doing These Exercises

1. Bicycle Crunches

Lie down on the floor and position your arms behind your head. Raise your legs about 6 inches above the floor and move your right knee close to the left side of your upper body. At the same time, move your left elbow close to your knee.

Repeat the same process with the other side by returning your right leg and left arm to the starting position and by moving your left knee and right elbow close to one another.

Bicycle crunches are quite easy if you do them fast, so you can make them more challenging and rewarding by performing them slower and concentrating on how your muscles work.

2. Windshield Wipers

Lie down on the ground and move your legs straight until they reach a 90-degree position. Move your legs to the right side of your body while keeping your upper body in the same position.

Stop the movement until your legs can no longer move to the right side anymore. Then, repeat the same process on the right side. This is how you complete one rep.

This exercise might be hard at first as it requires you keep your upper body without moving. So, you can start it by holding something that would help you to keep yourself in the right position like a few chairs, dumbbells, kettlebells, or anything else.

3. Planks

Position yourself in the same position as if you were doing push-ups but instead of touching the ground with your palms, do it with your forearms. Keep your back and legs straight and hold yourself in this position for at least 20 seconds.

If it’s too difficult or too easy for you, you can decrease or increase the amount of time you keep yourself in this position.

That’s everything you need to do as one rep of this exercise equals to one set as it works your muscles by making you keep yourself in this position.

4. Squats and Their Variations

Doing squats with or without weights works both ways as this exercise burns a lot of calories, gives work to your big muscles, and makes your waist to move without even targeting it specifically.

If you decided to perform this exercise with weights, start it by positioning yourself in such a position that the barbell would be behind your back. Unrack the bar and move a few steps forward.

Reduce Your Waist Size With These 4 Exercises 3

Use your legs to lower yourself until your butt is only a few inches below the floor while stopping yourself from bending your back. Move up by using your legs again.

If doing squats in the same way gets boring or ineffective, start doing front squats, overhead squats, Bulgarian split squats, hack squats, and many other variations.

See the video about waist-decreasing foods below:

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