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This Is How Ryan Terry Built His Arnold Classic Winning Abs

The next time you walk into your gym, look around and you’ll see people working on their abs. A tight abdominal has long been fancied by men and women alike. There is something about a well-toned midriff which makes a person more attractive.

In a study conducted by the Western Illinois University, women rated abs to be the sexiest muscles on a male’s body. It’s not just women though. Men are as crazy about abs as their counterparts. This is a major reason why you will always see six-pack clad models on covers of magazines.

Abs are a big part of professional competition. You will never see pro athletes on stage without abs. Since the bloated guts have come onto the scene, midsections are met with critical eyes. Fitness fans turn into emcee judges when it comes to criticizing bloated bellies.

This Is How Ryan Terry Built His Arnold Classic Winning Abs

If you are looking for some motivation to build shredded abs, no one does it better than Ryan Terry. Ryan has a complete package when it comes to his abdominal muscles. Not only are his abs one of the best we have ever seen, his obliques add to his aesthetics.

Ryan’s abs were a major reason he won the Arnold Classic. No other competitor could match the package he brought to the stage. He looked like he came right out of a superhero comic book. If you’re already drooling over his abs;

This Is How Ryan Terry Built His Arnold Classic Winning Abs:

1. Crunches – 3 Sets 12-15 Reps


This is right out of an ab building text book. This is an exercise Ryan relies upon for helping him improve his posture, increase stability and help in maintaining balance while striking different poses on stage.

If you’ve been working out for some time, chances are you already have an idea of how to perform this exercise correctly. Lie on your back with your knees folded. Exhale and squeeze your abs while you lift yourself and inhale while returning to the starting position.

2. Seated Oblique Twist – 3 Sets 10-12 Reps

This is one of the most overlooked exercises when it comes to ab training. Seated oblique twists are a great exercise to focus on your obliques. You don’t want to be the guy with ripped abs and non-existential obliques. This exercise will make sure you don’t end up in that spot.

Sit on a flat bench holding a straight bar. Turn to your right side while squeezing your abs and obliques. Return to your starting position and then repeat on the left side. Make sure you keep your head locked in the forward facing position.

 3. Hanging Leg Raises With A Twist – 3 Sets 5 Reps Per Side

Image result for hanging leg raise with twist gif

If you have done hanging leg raises before, don’t think this exercise will be anything like it. This exercise is a whole new ball game. Hanging leg raises with a twist focuses on your obliques as much as it does on your abs.

Hang onto a chin-up bar while keeping your core tight. Lift your legs until they’re parallel to the ground while keeping your knees locked. On the top of the movement twist to the right side. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat on the left side.

4. Cable Crunches – 3 Sets 10-12 Reps

Image result for cable crunches gif

This is one of Terry’s favorite exercises. This is the exercise which gives him the blocky and dense look. The added weight helps you in training your core while keeping your back out of action. We know you want abs and want them quick but don’t add more weight than you can handle.

Hold onto the rope extension on the cable machine and kneel down. Squeeze your abs while on the way down and keep them contracted while returning to the starting position. Your abs will be smoked at the end of this exercise.

5. Hanging Knee Raises – 3 Sets To Failure

This Is How Ryan Terry Built His Arnold Classic Winning Abs 2

There is no better way to isolate your abs than hanging knee raises. Hanging knee raises allows you to have a higher range of motion as compared to hanging leg raises with a twist. You need to touch your knees to your chest in this exercise.

Just like with the hanging leg raises with a twist, hang onto a pull-up bar and keep your core tight throughout the movement. Bend your knees while on the way up and touch your chest. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat. Make sure you don’t swing while doing this exercise.

6. TRX Crunches – 3 Sets To Failure

There are only a few exercises which are as brutal as the TRX crunches. This exercise engages your core which helps in building stability. Just so you know, this is also the hardest type of plank you will ever try.

Place your feet inside the TRX handles and get into a planking position. Tuck your knees into your chest. Squeeze your midsection while on the top of the movement. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat until you hit failure.

 7. Hanging Straight-Leg Raises – 3 Sets To Failure

This Is How Ryan Terry Built His Arnold Classic Winning Abs 3

By now you would have realized Ryan loves his hanging leg raises. This exercise will work your core and entire midsection especially your lower abs. If you start swinging during this exercise, take some rest and start over again.

As this is the third hanging leg raise on this exercise, it won’t be easy. Using equipment like ab straps can help you in getting the most out of your workout as your grip strength might start to fade away by this time.

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8. GHD Sit-Ups – 5 Sets 20 Reps

This Is How Ryan Terry Built His Arnold Classic Winning Abs 4

GHD sit-ups were brought into the mainstream by CrossFit. While this machine is pretty rare, make sure you make the most of it if you have an access to it. While trying this exercise for the first time, have someone spot you.

Lie on the GHD with your face facing the ceiling. Use your core to lift yourself up and contract your abs at the top of the movement. Maintain a slow and constant speed throughout the movement.

9. Flat Bench Leg With Hip Raise – 3 Sets 15 Reps

Flat bench leg raises are a staple ab building exercise. Leg raise with hip raise is the harder version of the normal exercise. This exercise works your lower and middle abdominals and helps remove the stubborn lower belly fat.

Lie down on a bench with your face facing the ceiling. Hang your feet so they’re almost touching the ground, tuck in your knees and touch your chest. Lift your legs so your back is off the ground. Slowly return to the starting position.

10. Cable Wood Chops – 4 Sets 15 Reps

This exercise will set your abs and obliques on fire. Cable wood chops help in building a tight and defined midsection. This exercise is a must if you want your obliques to be at par with your abdominal muscles.

Stand at a position where the weight doesn’t rack while you’re at the bottom of the movement. Mimic the movement of chopping wood with a woodcutter. Breathe out and squeeze your abs at the top of the movement.

Final Thought

Don’t try to do all the exercises in a single day. Do 2-3 exercises from this list on your abs day and you’ll see results. Make sure your diet is on point. Working out and diet go hand in hand when it comes to building abs.

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