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The Truth About Getting Toned Look Nobody Speaks About

There’s a lot of confusion about getting that so called ‘Toned Look’ and perhaps nobody seems to speak about the reality of it. Well, we have explained it today!


It’s quite common to hear from people who visit the gym only twice a week that they want a toned body or I just want to lose weight and get toned and don’t want the bulk or lift weight, bla…bla…

Truth About Getting Toned Look

If you have the definition in mind about getting toned is a firm body, factually speaking, there has to be muscle underneath to actually appear toned. As a matter of fact, the word ‘toned’ itself comes from Latin ‘tonus’ or Greek ‘Tonos’ and both means tension.


The reality is, there ain’t anything like ‘Toning your muscles’. It actually means to shed enough fat off your body so that the natural shape and definition of your body and muscles become visible. But it all depends on how much effort you put in.

Also, if you think that only shedding off fat is the only way to do, you’re wrong. Your muscles keep on growing and shrinking in size. You actually have to plan a workout routine to maintain their look in order to stay ‘toned’ else, you’ll be called the skinny individual in your group.

So, What’s A Toned Body?

It actually means to have a body with low body fat percentage and a reasonable muscle mass. And to achieve this, you have to hit the gym at least 4-5 days in a week, do weight training in order to stimulate muscle growth.


Basically, when you work on your muscles, it actually burns a lot of calories and boosts your metabolic rate. Also, exercises that targets more muscle groups at a time help burn more fat like the back or legs.

Also, along with workout and maintain the fat percentage and muscle mass, you also have to focus on your diet. It’s all about the hard work you put in. No shortcuts and no overnight transformations.

OK, the next thing I would like to highlight are two very common misconceptions about the process of toning and you must kick them out of your brain.

1. Spot Reducing

A horrible, horrible and horrible myth that never leaves the mind of people. If you think that you can shed fat on specific areas just by performing exercises that target that area, you’re dead wrong.


This is a huge misconception that if you target the muscle underneath your fat, it’ll burn the fat on top. No it doesn’t. It highly depends on your genetics, hormonal activity and other factors, especially your diet.

If you think doing 1000 crunches will flatten your tummy, hit your head in the wall and start putting in the realistic work and diet plan. Stick to train yourself with calorie restriction and Intermittent Fasting and you’ll be on track to get rid of stubborn lumps of fat.

2. High reps and Low Weight

Doing 20, 30, 40 and even 50 reps per set with low weight will significantly stress your muscles and won’t challenge them to grow nor does it helps to burn fat.


The ideal rep range is 12-15 reps per set and if you are easily going beyond this range, you need to increase the weight you lift.



So, kick away all those misconceptions and myths and start focusing on the reality. You should focus on hitting the gym at least 4-5 days in a week. Train hard and eat healthy. Also, do cardio but focus more on the weight training exercises.

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