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Celeb-Endorsed CORE Hydration Water Is A Big Load Of BS

Big brands sponsoring athletes and celebrities isn’t anything new. We’ve all seen Paige Hathaway pushing Shredz Supplements on her Instagram, and Nicole Scherzinger pimping Proactiv on television. However, recently there has been a surge in sponsorship by one particular area of the market that no one was expecting: water companies. In particular, “functional” water companies.

Paige Hathaway for Shredz

Functional water makes up an estimated 11% of the $19.8bn bottled water industry in the U.S. One of the biggest names in this market is Core Hydration, created by Dr. Luke (yes, the same Dr. Luke involved with the Kesha lawsuit) and touted by the likes of Katy Perry, Jessica Alba, Adam Levine, and Becky G. Core Hydration is described as “the most premium water on the market, which promises to deliver healthy hydration.”

Although that doesn’t sound particularly nefarious—after all, any gym-going female knows the importance of hydration—the carefully selected celebrities chosen to do the promotion for the high-end H2O don’t seem to be any the wiser to the actual science behind Core Water. But to be fair, there is absolutely zero science behind it.

Beyond the fancy packaging and the impeccably media-trained celebrities, it’s a big bottle of bullshit. There is no proven evidence backing its claims of ultra-purification, improved hydration, or pH balancing properties. Despite a stylish-looking bottle that may intrigue you while shopping at your local Whole Foods, here is exactly why you should leave it firmly on the shelf and opt for a standard glass of water instead.

1. It is made from tap water

When we pick up a bottle of water, it will often say its contents are sourced from a natural spring in some exotic land. Sometimes, we even think that we can taste the freshness of the French Alps upon cracking open a bottle of Evian. Core Hydration, however, is made from tap water. Yep, the stuff you already have in the convenience of your home. Sure, it has been heavily purified, but do you know what else purifies your water? A standard fucking water filter.

Core Water

Let me hit you with a quick math lesson:

  • A single 20-ounce bottle of Core Hydration costs $2.50
  • 20-ounces of tap water from your home costs around $0.06
  • A Brita water jug and filter costs $19.99 or $0.33 for every 20-ounces filtered
  • Therefore, 20-ounces of filtered tap water has a total cost of $0.39

By comparison, Core Hydration has an eye-watering 540% markup! I think I’ll stick to standard tap water and spend my hard-earned cash on something else, thanks.

Core Hydration for Fitness

2. The “added minerals” do fuck all

Core’s ingredient list says its BPA-free bottles contain reverse osmosis water, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and potassium bicarbonate. While magnesium and potassium are both electrolytes that can benefit the body, the amounts in Core Hydration are so minimal that they have little to no effect.
Core Water for Sports

Michael Sawka, a professor at the School of Applied Physiology at Georgia Tech, studies hydration and fluid-electrolyte balance. He explains,

If you’re eating a normal diet, you’re not adding anything magic by drinking these waters. The added minerals are in there purely for taste and preference but not for health.

Core Hydration Bullshit

3. All water is pH neutral

In a carefully crafted press release, Core Hydration claims:

As more health conscious consumers become aware of the harmful effects of an acidic diet and seek ways to bring their body fluids within an acceptable range, Core serves up a 7.4 pH solution that works in harmony with your body’s natural pH balance.

Core Hydration is pH Balanced

Harmony, natural, balance—that sounds exactly like what we all need, right? Well, you can achieve all that and more just by drinking regular ole water! All water, by its very nature, is pH neutral. So, claiming that one water is more pH balanced than another is some next level bro science.

Bro science

4. Celebrities are paid to promote it

Not a single actor, athlete, or musician posting photos of their Core Hydration bottles on social media has done so simply because they love the brand. No, each of these celebrities has been paid to promote it, knowing that their endorsement will get thousands of people to jump on the bandwagon!

Laverne Cox Core Hydration

Miss Universe Core Hydration

Known as “influencer marketing,” many brands are turning to this method of advertising. It is less overt and far more genuine than a billboard or an online banner ad. However, this is the underlying issue: It’s still advertising. These celebrities don’t believe the hype, but a new Lambo and hundreds of thousands of dollars can easily convince them to pretend that they do. But that’s really nothing new.

5. Dr. Luke isn’t even a real doctor

The website for Core Hydration is littered with scientific phrases such as “reverse osmosis” and “carbon filtration.” Oh, and not to mention having the backing of a real life doctor! However, if we look beyond the glossy online presence, you’ll quickly realize that the medical professional who has helped bring this branded water to the market is none other than Dr. Luke.

Core Hydration Reverse Osmosis

What are Dr. Luke’s credentials? Well, he’s a Grammy-nominated musician and producer. Dr. Luke is the stage name for Lukasz Gottwald. This is a man who can pen a pretty pop song but has no scientific or medical qualifications whatsoever. You’d be better off trusting Dr. Nick from The Simpsons than “Doctor” Luke…

Dr Luke or Dr Nick

Although the stylish bottles of Core Hydration look fabulous as a music video prop, the truth is it’s just another over-priced “health” product that none of us really need. Spend your money on something wiser and keep these con artists from getting richer. For us lady lifters, CrossFit queens, and gym bunnies, we’re better off sticking to our plastic mixer bottles and the not-so-stylish (but just as hydrating) water fountains.

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  1. Thank you for the information, I use to only drink smart water 2 to 3 50 oz a day because That’s all I drink and it gave me a ulcer I then did a little research and found out it had high levels of acidity in it, so I looked for others and bought 15if not more different bottles of water I was just going on Pure taste alone because I drink so much of it and I settled on core hydration yes it was so much more higher for less ounces Only 44 oz at $2.50 a bottle in the grocery store. Now at that rate its costing me alot per day and with no actual benefit I will be looking for something else like a filter for my sink or something on that line. I appreciate your finding and article.

  2. And what credentials does this fuming and furious author claim to have that makes her article more legit than her criticisms of others' so-called fake credentials? Who is bullshitting who here?! Huh?? says:

    And what makes the credentials of this author more legitimate than those who she furiously criticizes in this article? The ones she criticizes have more stature of known accomplishments than this ranting and raving nobody does! So who is really bullshitting who here? Huh??

    1. totally agree. This whole article isn’t even professional… Nothing backs their claims, and if it was false advertising i’m sure the environmental working group or someone else would be on it, or at least more false claims. Core water is the BEST water.. this author sounds like they used to work for core water and got fired. lol

  3. The author doesn’t need creditable credentials to question the pseudo science and quackery used to promote this water. The burden of proof is on those making these ridiculous claims. What’s nefarious is the marketing behind this water not someone trying to ask why?

  4. I completely agree the makers need to be held liable for misleading advertising. Its bogus with no more benefit then tap water.

  5. All waters are not pH alkaline or even neutral. We did test in my work and found that several name brand waters were what you would consider acidic. Facts (odd concept these days I know)!

  6. I dont care about any of this, I drink core because it’s the best tasting water aside from Fuji, period.

  7. The biggest reason I drink Core Water is because it’s FLUORIDE FREE! Never once mentioned in this article and a standard water filter won’t filter out fluoride.

  8. You sound like you know exactly what you’re talking about. Hey did you know not all water are neutral, check that good old tap and different brands of bottled water that you are drinking with a test strip and then not you but we might be surprised. You should probably get your facts straight before you go on a ridiculous rant again.

  9. All water that is filtered is acidic. The only alkaline water that’s not made that way by toxic additives like this water has is natural running spring water. Fluoride is the only thing you’re leaving out and that’s a biggie. Aside from the fluoride .. Core is an over priced tap water with an inorganic salt making it alkaline. The first ingredient in it is actually used as a windshield deicer ?.

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