The Harsh Reality of Waist Trainers

It might not be the best idea to wear it

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Sometimes you can see women wearing corsets resembling things that nowadays are called waist trainers. Officially, these waist trailers are known for helping to decrease your waist size, lose body fat, and even boost your health.

However, the truth is that there is more harm than good to wearing a waist trainer. So, whether you should wear the thing or not is for you to decide, but before you make a decision, keep in mind these things about waist trainers.

Myth 1: Waist Trainers Can be Used to Lose Weight

One of the primary reasons why people decide to wear a waist trainer is because they believe that it’ll make them lose weight. But the weight you lose can only be water weight, not body fat.

This is because wearing it makes you sweat a lot in your midsection, in the same place where you need to wear it. While you won’t lose body fat just by wearing it as it can only redistribute your body fat throughout your whole body from your midsection.

So, it’ll make your waist look thinner, but you won’t lose body fat just by wearing it. The only way how it might help you to lose weight is by making you feel that you need to eat less, but the same can be achieved by using other methods.

Myth 2: Waist Trainers Will Guarantee That You’ll Eat Less

While wearing a waist trainer can make you eat less while wearing it, it doesn’t mean that it’ll stop you from eating even more after taking it off. So, the only way it can help to eat less is by wearing it all the time while you’re awake. But this would go against the recommendations as it isn’t healthy to wear it for such a long time.

Myth 3: Waist Trainers Decrease Your Waist Size

Wearing a waist trainer can decrease your waist size if you wear it regularly. BUT, your waist will more or less return to being the same after not wearing it for a long period of time. So, unless you determine to wear it for your entire life, then there is no other way how wearing it can help you.

However, if you wear it for too long, it can damage your bones, nerves, and even internal organs. Some women are known for passing out while they wear them as it makes it difficult for the lungs to work and breathe. In the worst case, some of the damage done can be permanent.

Myth 4: Waist Trainers Are Completely Safe to Use

Waist trainers can be completely safe if used for a short period of time, but if you wear it for too long, it might result in dehydration. This happens as wearing it makes you sweat a lot in the midsection. Furthermore, sweating a lot in the same place can cause bacterial infection as it’s a suitable place for bacteria to thrive.

Another problem is that it can result in acid reflux as it creates lots of pressure on the abdomen and pushes your stomach acid where it shouldn’t be.

Finally, a waist trainer can decrease your core strength and atrophy abdominal muscles. This happens as wearing it stops you from using your muscles to support your body while wearing it.

So, whether you should wear it is for you to decide. While wearing a waist trainer can be perfectly healthy if you use it only for as long as it doesn’t become harmful, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t better options for decreasing your waist size.

Such things as exercising, eating a proper diet, and learning a few healthy living strategies are everything you need to have a thin waist without risking your health.

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