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How to Perform the Dumbbell Reverse Fly Exercise Using Proper Technique


The reverse dumbbell fly helps strengthen the upper back and posterior side of your shoulders. It targets the majority of the muscles in the shoulders and back and is considered a very effective workout at the gym.

dumbbell reverse fly

When you perform the reverse dumbbell fly, it strengthens the muscles in the mid trapezius, rhomboids and the rear deltoid. Overall, you’ll be using the rhomboids muscles the most during the entire exercise.

Performing Dumbbell Reverse Fly With Correct Technique

We’ll break down the entire workout in five simple steps to make it easier for you.

1. Lie down on an incline bench with your stomach and chest so that they lie flat downwards. In this position, grab one dumbbell in each hand with your arms extended completely downwards. You can choose a light weight for practice and work your way up. Your palms must face inwards.

2. With your elbows slightly bent, exhale your breath and using the elbows, pull the dumbbells away from each other. You must be completely focused on pulling the dumbbells using your shoulders and elbows. Arm involvement has to be minimal. This way, you’ll target more muscles and make the workout more effective.

3. Once you’ve pulled it to the top, squeeze your shoulder blades together. Keep the mind-muscle connection maintained while you hold this position for several seconds.

4. When both the dumbbells are in a position that they are parallel to the floor, lower the weights slowly and bring them back to the starting position. At this point, you should inhale.

5. When the dumbbells reach the point from your started initially, make sure they don’t bounce off each other. This can impact the tension placed under the muscles.

How to Perform the Dumbbell Reverse Fly Exercise Using Proper Technique 1

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Make sure you do not arch your back. This can cause serious injury and will make the exercise less effective. This is why focus is the key while performing the reverse dumbbell fly.
  • While performing this exercise, you may feel tension on your biceps; you have to prevent this. Always aim to put maximum tension on the elbows to target the right muscles. Try focusing on the scapula retraction and not the bicep contraction.
  • Once you have trained, you must wait to cool down. This prevents Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness which results in built up of lactic acid and blood pooling.

Sets and Rep Range

You should aim for at least three sets each of 15 reps, or if not, at least  eight to 12 for the weight you are holding.

Once again, we’ll mention this is a pretty tough exercise and your weight range would be a lot less than you lift on average. Start with dumbbells of six to eight kilos, and then increase gradually as you gain strength.

Warming up is must. You can do push-ups or pull-ups to activate the muscles in the region of the back you’ll be working on.

Reverse dumbbell fly helps to strengthen your back muscles, improve your posture, and enhances your athletic performance. Since this involves so many muscles, this exercise is very effective.

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