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Five Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Dips

When it comes to doing badass, functional strength exercises, dips are your number one choice. You look badass doing them and they require some muscle work in order to pull them off. Now let’s look at some other reasons why you should be doing dips.

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Dips

1. No Gym Required


In order to perform dips, you don’t need a gym. You can buy a dip station and do it at home, you can do them on rings in a park, you can do them on a straight bar in the park, you can do them on parallel bars in a park.

On the most basic level, you can use a chair and do chair dips at home. So right from the get go you have a very efficient “gym” exercise that you can perform anywhere you want.

2. It’s the Upper Body Squat

Five Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Dips 1

No, that does not mean dips count as doing legs. Dips are one of the essential upper body strength building exercises.

They workout triceps, chest, and lower back. They also are an excellent upper body mass builder, so try incorporating it in your upper body routine, maybe with some super-sets.

3. They Improve Your Bench Press

Yep, if you are stalling on your bench press, try fixing it with some dips. Dips are an upper body Closed Kinetic Chain (CKC) exercise, which means you do stuff while your hands are stationary.

It’s also an exercise which is easily mastered in its bodyweight form. When you do that, you can easily put a dumbbell between your legs or a weighted vest for extra resistance.

4. They Improve Your Lockout Strength

Five Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Dips 2

Another benefit of doing dips is they improve your lockout strength. Think about it, doing dips you are constantly doing lockouts with your body weight. This means you can practice lockouts safely.

That brings us to point #3, it can help improve your bench since bench pressing is all about the lockout.

5. They give you a V-taper

Since it’s an upper body exercise working your shoulders, chest, and arms, it will give you an upper-body V-taper look. You will be mean and lean and you will have dips to thank for it.

Now that we saw what the benefits of doing dips are, let’s get over some of the dip variations and how to perform them.

1. Bench Dips

Five Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Dips 3

This is the most basic variation. Place your palms on a bench about shoulder-width apart. Place your feet out in front of you either on the ground or elevated on another bench. It’s basically a pure arm workout and you can add some weights or put your legs on a bench to add some variations to it.

2. Dipping Station/Power Tower

Five Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Dips 4

This is a typical piece of gym equipment or you can buy one for your home. Here you do the classic dip variation where you grab the handles and just go down.

Here you can also add weight belts or put some plates in your bag and slap it on your back for extra resistance. It works your upper body and you look badass doing it.

3. Straight Bar Dips

Five Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Dips 5

This is a bit more advanced variation that requires core strength and serious arm strength. It’s mostly common in street workout parks because of the exercise mechanics.

Here you do exactly what the label says you do. Grab a bar with both of your hands on the same side and try to do some dips. It’s not easy but with some practice, you can master this.

4. Korean Dips

Five Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Dips 6
This is the final boss of the dips workout, It doesn’t get any more difficult than this. It’s the same thing as straight bar dips, but you do it with your back turned towards the bar, switching the stability from using gravity to straight up using your body strength.

If you really want to take this to an even crazier level, lean forward so that you are under the bar – just as the picture above shows. It’s an awesome workout for your core and overall body strength.

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