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5 Reasons One-Arm Dumbbell Rows Are The Best Back Exercise

A cobra back separates the men from the boys. Your back is one of the biggest muscle groups in your body. This brings its challenges with it. It can be hard to establish a mind-muscle connection while training your back.

You need to completely annihilate your back if you want to make it grow. Training your back can be as exhausting – if not more – as training your legs. If done correctly, at the end of your back workouts you should have nothing left in the tank.

5 Reasons One-Arm Dumbbell Row Is The Best Back Exercise

One-arm dumbbell rows should be a constant in your back workout routine. Some people overlook this exercise because it can take a little too much time, especially if you’re using heavy weights. By doing this, these people are leaving a lot on the table.

5 Reasons One-Arm Dumbbell Rows Are The Best Back Exercise


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One-arm dumbbell rows are great at helping you get the stretch in your back. If you’re looking to build a wider back, you must completely stretch out your back during your workouts. Assume a position in this exercise where on the eccentric movement, the dumbbell doesn’t touch the floor when you’ve completely stretched out your back.

Once you reach the bottom of the movement, make sure you don’t use momentum or a jerk to bring up the dumbbell. Jerking will take away the tension from your back and put it on your shoulders. This can also put your elbow and bicep tendons under the risk of an injury.

Uni-Lateral Exercise

Unilateral Exercises are when you work one side of your body at a time. One-arm dumbbell rows are a unilateral exercise which helps focus on a single side of your back. Since your back is the biggest muscle group after legs, this can help building a mind-muscle connection.

Unilateral exercises are incredibly effective in settling muscle imbalances. If you have a weaker side, you can put extra focus on it by doing a couple extra reps on that particular side as compared to your stronger side.

Build A Thicker Back

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While pulling movements are great at bringing out the width in your back, rowing can bring the thickness which will make your back look like a big slab of meat. You need the thickness in your back if you want to strike poses like the lat spread.

Maintain a constant tension while doing this exercise. Squeeze your back with each repetition at the top of the movement. If your back isn’t flushed with lactic acid at the end of this workout, you didn’t do it right.

Hit The Back From Different Angles

5 Reasons One-Arm Dumbbell Row Is The Best Back Exercise

Everyone has different needs when it comes to back development. Some people might lack in the upper lats while the others might have a weaker middle back. The beauty of this exercise is, you can target your back according to your weakness.

Having a straight back (80-75 degrees angle) will target your upper back and lats. The more you bend, the tension will shift from the upper lats to the middle and lower back. You can do this exercise on a flat bench or while holding the dumbbell rack until you find the perfect place.


Exercises like the deadlifts, t-bar rows or even the pull-ups involve multiple joints and muscle groups. You might end up with a bicep pump during pull-ups if you’re doing it wrong. This is counterintuitive of your goal of building a v-taper back.

The one-arm dumbbell row has a limited range of motion. You can completely focus on your back without recruiting any other muscle group. This increases your chances of exhausting the muscle and building a bigger back.

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