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You Have To Add More Side Lateral Raises To Your Routine, And Here’s Why

The majority of the individuals consider their shoulders to be the worst part of their physique and why not when they’re a serious deal to build? And as a matter of fact, bulking up those lats and shoulders is really tough. Even though they have gained the strength over time but not the shape and cuts you want.

side lateral raises

However, you might already be doing the side lateral raises but in today’s discussion, we’ll be explaining why you should be doing more of them. Basically, nothing beats the side lateral raises to build up the shoulder bulk. They not only strengthen them but also improve the flexibility and sculpt them to compliment your physique.

Add More Side Lateral Raises To Your Routine

Below are six reasons that explain why you should be doing more side lateral raise during the week.

1. They are superset friendly

First and foremost, supersets are a very popular way to stimulate massive growth in less duration and side laterals perfectly compliment them. You can easily alternate them with the rowing movement and make a great compound movement exercise.


To get the most out of a side lateral raise superset, you should alternate between ‘pre-exhaust’ supersets. Here, the side lateral will be followed by compound pressing and then post-activation supersets, where the compound movement will be prioritized.

2. They offer great isolation

Probably, there isn’t any better exercise that can isolate the lateral deltoid head as much as the lateral raises do. A great tip to force lateral delts to undertake a great part of the load, you should begin your routine with weights on the sides rather than the front of your hips.

side lateral raises

Also, avoid lifting too heavy of a dumbbell. This will only make you rumble the torso and destroy your form. Just choose a weight at which you can perform 8-10 reps.

3. There are a variety of side laterals

Because there are a number of variations that the side laterals can be put into, you can effectively target the shoulder muscle group for maximum stimulation. Aim for the unilaterally or bilaterally in seated or standing position. You can go with cables, machine or dumbbell.

side lateral raises

Not only that, you can also do the one-arm side laterals that help fix strength imbalances and increase your power.

4. You can never do enough

You should make these side lateral raises a staple of your routine and keep them simple. And as compared to the other upper body movements, the side laterals are somewhat that you might overdo and this can even lead to a disproportionate look.

side lateral raises

That’s something not to worry about. The benefit here is they’ll be building the upper body width, not too much but definitely, you’ll experience a drastic change in the body width.

5. Try half-reps

Though your aim should be a full range of motion for maximum gain, however, for the advanced lifter, partial reps offer a new level of muscle stimulation that will give you gains that are totally unexpected. It’s a way of using half the range of motion but going through the strongest part of the rep. This way, your shoulders will generate tremendous growth.

side lateral raises

The next time you’re doing the laterals, go for a heavy weight and combine it with the partial rep technique.

6. Enjoy powerful peak contraction

side lateral raises

What I notice is most of the individuals fail to hold the contraction of each rep and usually rush into completing the set. To exhaust your muscle fibers for maximum growth, you should try to hold the peak contraction (when the dumbbells are raised) for at least 1-2 seconds before you lower them to the starting position. This drastically pumps your shoulders.

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