Back Workouts

Read up on crafting an all-round physique and check out our back workouts for women at SpotMeGirl. This is one of the largest, and most important groups of muscle in the body, so you can’t slack on your back, girl. Check out our workouts and strengthen up this key area of your body. Whether you want to know how to target lats, or need a pull up guide, we’ve got your back, girl.

Ultimate Female Pull Up Program

Performing a proper set of chin over bars is one of the most empowering things a woman can do. It…

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3 Effective Exercises For Lat Width

Most of the gym goers are focused on building their bi’s and tri’s and after that, the goal is to…

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Build A Barn Door Back With These 7 Great Exercises

People often neglect training their back at the gym directly. They hit it mostly as a secondary muscle group when…

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4 Tips To Ditch That Annoying Back Fat

Some people experience difficulties when they want to lose fat from their waist, legs, chest, or even arms. However, there…

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Get A Wider And Thicker Back With These 3 Easy Exercises

In a study conducted by the researchers at the Western Illinois University, women rated a muscular back as one of the…

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Your Ultimate Guide To Pull Up Variations

Pull ups are the bare basic bodyweight exercise. You grab a bar and pull yourself upwards towards the bar. It’s…

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Train Harder And Fix Lower Back Pain In Just 10 Minutes

If you look around, lower back pain is something almost everyone deals with at some point in time. Whether you…

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Build A Solid Back From Scratch With This 8-Week Pull-Up Program

If you come to think of it, pull-ups can be life savers – literally. Let’s imagine apocalypse has hit and…

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Use The Lat Pulldown Machine Correctly With These Tips

We often hear that using weight machines often result in muscle imbalance or they aren’t functional. Even though most of…

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Build A Beefy Back Using These 6 Lat Exercises

Men spend more time working on their chest & biceps than they do training the rest of their bodies… and…

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Should I Train Deadlifts on Back Day or Leg Day?

Like bench press and barbell curls, deadlifts are commonly performed at the gym and is considered one of the best…

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Bringing Sexy Back with the Essential Back Workout

Ladies, listen up!  A strong back is the foundation of your health and fitness regimen. Even though you can’t see…

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