Five Bleeding-Edge Workout Machines You Need In Your Gym

The Future Is HERE.

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Are you tired of endlessly sweating away on the same old cardio machines? Bored of pointless recovery techniques? Damaged from doing too many jumps squats with a loaded barbell on your back? Well have no fear, because the future is here, and it looks pretty dope.

SpotMeGirl has done the research and created a list of five of the latest machines that are making waves in the fitness industry. These machines will blow your mind…and take a blowtorch to your love handles.

1. Cryochamber

A cryotheraphy chamber is a self-contained container that exposes your body to 250 degrees below zero freezing air. Now, normally being exposed to 250 degrees below zero would be deadly, but if you keep the length of exposure to under three minutes you reap a host of health benefits, while missing out on the freezing cold demise.

These include improved circulation, a faster metabolic rate (translated: you will burn more calories while doing nothing), reduced or eliminated muscle soreness and lowered inflammation. The effectiveness of the therapy is startling; one three-minute session can burn several hundred calories and completely eliminate workout soreness.

2. VMX Rope Trainer

Not many locations allow you to climb a rope, let alone vary the resistance and location. Having a VMX rope trainer allows you to get in a hard, fast and functional workout without having to deal with the zoo that is the weight’s section of every gym.

The rope trainer can be modified to support any sort of workout goal, from strength (high resistance, short duration), conditioning (medium resistance, short duration but repeated) or endurance (low resistance, long duration).

3. Jacobs Ladder

The Jacobs Ladder is like being a firefighter on a never-ending ladder of fat loss. The machine is essentially a ladder which is powered by your upward movement. The larger steps you take, the faster it goes; the shorter the slower.

Because the movement involves your whole body, the amount of calories you burn is pleasantly excessive. Think close to 1000 calories in just an hour, all while giving you the ripped quads and glutes you always wanted.


4. Keiser Air 300 Squat

Have you ever attempted jump squats with a barbell? Not only is it dangerous, but it also destroys your poor traps. Think about the stress you put on your spine by jumping up and down with hundreds of pounds bouncing on your back…

Lucky for your spinal health, God created the Keiser A300 Squat machine. The A300 uses compressed air to provide resistance against you when you jump, eliminating the need for weight on your shoulders, and allowing you to change the resistance at the push of a button. Talk about a win-win.

5. TrueForm Runner Treadmill

Treadmills are a waste of time if your goal is to maximize your calorie burn and stay functional. Because a treadmill is self-propelled, it doesn’t allow you to burn as many calories as if you were actually running and moving your body entirely on your own.

The Trueform treadmill fixes this issue by forcing you to propel the treadmill with your feet, making you use better running form, i.e. pulling the ground with your toes. This action uses more of the posterior chain, which we all know is always a plus. And, if you are one of those hippies who cares about the environment, the true form is great because it’s carbon foot print is zero….

6. ProForm Tour De France 5.0

Bikes can be dangerous; the fact that there are giant metal objects weighing hundreds of pounds speeding past you should be disconcerting. Having said that, going for a bike ride is fantastic cardio, and no stationary bike can touch the joy of actually riding a bike outside.

No stationary bike…with the exception of ProForm Tour France 5.0. This baby is so advanced that you can’t even put it in the same category as your run of the mill bike. The ProForm is fitted with a 10” touchscreen console that lets you swipe through your speed, time, distance, calories burned, heart rate and resistance stats while ridding.

The bike is hooked up to Google Maps, which lets you ride anywhere in the world, and follow along via Street View on the high definition 10-inch touchscreen display.

Let that sink in. This bike allows you to ride around ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD from you gym! Screw world travel when you can bike around the Eiffel Tower without having to deal with a bunch of snobby Frenchmen wearing berets.

6. Concept2 SKIERG

Nordic skiing is a fantastic workout, but skiing is a sport that has a boatload of requirements. You need to snow, you need skis, you need to know how to ski and you need cold-weather gear. Why invest in all this often enormously expensive gear if you can get all the benefits of skiing from your gym?

The Concept2 SKIERG provides all the benefit of skiing without having to freeze your butt off. The SKIERG is essentially the Concept2 rower machine, but in a different configuration that allows the upper body motion of skiing.

Pulling yourself along with your arms might just be the best upper body workout possible, and now with the SKIERG the gym can be your mountain.


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