10 Myths Surrounding the “Booty”

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Now that strong women are a more common and welcomed thing, a woman’s glutes or “booty” have become a tell-tell sign of a woman who lifts. On the heels of bootylicious examples such as Beyonce, the fit community has amazing women such as Amanda Latona, Nathalia Melo, and Michelle Lewin to look to for motivation. Just as there are many pics of gluticious women, there are myths surrounding how to get one of your own. Check these out:

1. There is a Difference Between a Big Butt and a Squat Booty
There are those that are genetically blessed with large behinds and a tiny, tiny waist. Then there are those that work for those things. The sign of a woman who worked for her booty? the hammies. A woman who squats inevitably has roundness and peak to her hamstrings. Those curves, are beautiful.

2. You Have to Squat to Get One
Let me be clear, squatting is the most beauteous of beautiful exercises with it’s whole compound movement and full body work and all, but not every single person is capable of performing the squat because of various reasons. When an injury is holding you back, you don’t have to kiss all hopes of a nice round booty goodbye. The Leg Press, Walking Lunges, Step Ups are all great alternatives.

3. You Absolutely Have to go A2G
There are so many articles that go back and forth on whether this is true or not. The fact is that not many have the hip flexibility or knee/back strength to go so low. Hitting parallel is not only the safest squat technique for your knees, but it also allows for the most muscle growth. Or you can become Mr. Olympia and squat like this and no one will ever say a thing:

4. If You Squat, It Will Grow
The booty is an amazing space of body that makes you a more explosive, powerful athlete, but it too suffers a bit from genetics. Those that grew up only enjoying the pancake, can grow their hindquarters but may never be at the level of Sandra Prikker. A good example of lots of muscle but a smaller caboose is Ms. Dana Linn Bailey. Glutes are much like calves in a way…they can grow stronger and more defined and powerful, but may never be the size of some of those you work to mirror. Genetics, suck.

5. It’s Quantity of Squats and Nothing Else
Yes, squatting a lot will work your glutes, but a lot of women don’t train heavy to begin with, and really don’t train heavy in their squats even when they should be. Standing in your living room squatting repeatedly is good, but if you want the real deal, weight needs to be added.

6. Form Will Come
Seen it so many times, someone starts squatting at the gym, form is a mess…they hurt themselves and never try it again. Just because squat form is actually a natural posture, doesn’t mean you will automatically do it right with a barbell on your back. Plus, it was natural when you were a baby, before you lived your life and screwed up your body. Find a trainer, a trusted gym buddy, or a coach.

7. Strong Glutes Come Without Cellulite
You see transformation pictures of women who had cellulite and after squatting, don’t. Let’s be clear, cellulite is genetic. You can certainly lose fat and minimize it, or minimize it’s appearance, but I know plenty of very strong women who rock the dimps. And if you’re pointing at all the magazine covers of beautifully complected arses…one word, 3 syllables: pho-to-shop

at least you won't be able to easily see it...
at least you won’t be able to easily see it…

8. If you Lose It, You Never Had It
All of 2014 for me was building my glutes. And they became miraculous. I loved them dearly. So in the glare of 2015 post knee surgery, I woke up to the horror that was…(dun dun dun!) a smaller butt! If something sidelines you and the first thing you lose is your butt, it doesn’t mean you never had one, it means that muscle atrophies faster than others on your body. The rate at which a muscle atrophies has nothing more to do with anything other than genetics.

9. If Your Butt Isn’t Huge, You Probably Aren’t that Strong
or you skip leg day. A large behind isn’t indicative of fitness or strength. Some people squat till they’re blue in the face (literally) and they will never be “booty poppin'” in the club. I’m not even sure what that means, but it sounds right for this article. You can be a flat fanny fighter and still be a strong beast.

10. Bootys Are the No. 1 Asset
This actually isn’t a myth. People are full rear view chilling these days. As my buddy Ari says, “I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you walk away!”

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