5 Reasons To Embrace Your Thick Thighs and Booty!

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“Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere.”
With lyrics like this, we should have known that a thick thigh, big booty phenomenon was in the near future; and we should have thanked Bubba Sparks right then and there.

Although Bubba hinted that a big booty is where it’s at, society didn’t really catch on to the trend until recently because it was all about the thigh gap. If you squat, lunge, or do any type of heavy lifting with your lower body, the thigh gap can be a fictional space between ones legs. Thanks to celebrities like J.Lo</a href> and her infamous curves, Fittest Woman on Earth Camille LaBlanc-Bazinet</a href>, and Instagram celebrity Nicole Mejia</a href> who started the Fit & Thick Movement, the thigh gap is slowing but surely being pushed away and the thickness is taking over!

1. Thick Thighs Means Strong Thighs
Whether those thick thighs make it easier to walk up the stairs carrying 10 bags of groceries or help you squat 165 for 10, being strong on the outside helps you feel stronger on the inside. Being able to hold your own anywhere and everywhere is just the start to amazing inner strength.

2. Jeans, Bikinis, and Yoga Pants Look Way Better When You Can Fill Them Out
What’s worse than having to pull your jeans up every 3 minutes? Trying to keep your bikini bottoms on when you jump into a wave. And when it comes to Yoga pants, I don’t think I even have to go into detail about how good a new pair of Lululemons feel for both the buyer and the admirer.

3. A Healthy Butt Means a Healthy Appetite
The bigger the plates on the bar, the bigger the appetite, so women (and men) who work out more frequently are going to be hungrier than the average person. With a balanced and healthy diet, you’ll be able to up the calorie intake to make sure your body is getting enough nutrients to fuel it without worrying about packing on the extra pounds.

4. Squats Are The Key To a Full Body Exercise
As a trainer, I’d be lying if I said the number #1 question I get from women is “How do I get a big butt?” and the answer is simple – SQUAT. Not only does squatting give you a nice rear end and thighs to help with all of the above, but it is the key to a ton of other full body exercise such as cleans, snatches, jerks, wall balls, and kettle bells swings just to name a few.

5. A Woman’s Lower Body Is Typically Stronger Than Their Upper Body
We don’t have childbearing hips for nothing! Women have been known for our strong lower bodies for decades, so instead of trying to change that we should be embracing it and the best way to do that is to keep those thighs working and those butts big.

noelle benepe
noelle benepe

There is nothing more beautiful than the female body and it’s natural features and if that means your legs are a little thicker than the norm and you have a hard time fitting into a size 0 because of your backside, then so be it. Remember, when in doubt, SQUAT.

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