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The Ultimate 30-Day Bodyweight Butt Test


Whomever said “less is more” clearly never lived as a woman in 2016, where the size of a woman’s derriere can decide a multitude of factors in her life, from social status to popularity to clothing options.

Bigger is better in this modern age, and any fit chick with her head screwed on will certainly be incorporating some priorities toward the lower half of her body if she wants to stand out from the stick-thin crowd.

The Ultimate 30-Day Bodyweight Butt Test 2
Would you argue with this lady?

With that being said, Jeanette Jenkins, more commonly known by her moniker, The Hollywood Trainer, has devised a 30-day plan that’s sure to get your rump in fit-and-firing shape before the Christmas holidays.

The programme is made up of six five-day schedules, each comprising one exercise on its first day and stacking one exercise per day until the participant is doing five exercises on Day 5, reverting back down to one at the beginning of the next five-day sequence.

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Rest days can be acceptable, but to get the best out of the one-month programme, it’s ideal to perform the 30 days consecutively, and no exercise consists of fewer than 20 reps for an intense burn.

Days 1-5 (Floor Exercises)

1. Shoulder Bridge to Single-Leg Bridge

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Do 25 reps of a normal shoulder bridge thrust, followed by 25 reps with each leg raised in the air for a grand total of 75 reps.

2. Add Kneeling Back Kick to Swimming

The Ultimate 30-Day Bodyweight Butt Test 3
Swimming pose

Do 25 back kicks on each leg kneeled on all fours before transitioning to lie on the floor with arms and legs elevated. Do eight to 10 breastroke motions (or more if you can take the strain).

3. Add Kneeling Back Kick to Side-Lift

Similar to kneeling back kick, except after bringing their leg back following the kick out, the participant hinges it to one side. Do 25 reps on each leg (WARNING: Groin strength needed).

4. Add Kneeling Roundhouse Kicks

5. Add Kneeling Leg Lift to Isometric Diagonal Hold

From kneeling on all fours, lift one leg to the ceiling while bending your arms to support your upper half. Do 25 reps on each leg before holding your leg up on the last repetition with chest to the floor.

Days 6-10 (Squats)

1. Squat with Diagonal Reach

2. Add Squat to Back Leg Lift

Like an ordinary squat, except the participant reaches one leg out behind them on the negative (way back up) repetition. Jenkins recommends two sets on each leg, with 30 reps per set.

3.Add Squat Jumps

4. Add Squat Side Taps

While staying in squat position for the entirety of the exercise, tap each leg (way) out to your side before returning to centre. Perform 30 reps on each leg.

5. Add Squat Lateral Shuffle

Again, while remaining in squat position, shuffle three steps to one side and touch the floor before retuning in the opposite direction for three steps. This comprises one rep, and Jenkins prescribes three sets of 10 reps.

Days 11-15 (Ballet Moves)

1. Bent Squat 

The Ultimate 30-Day Bodyweight Butt Test 4

Similar to a sumo squat, the aim here is to perform a clean squat (heels constantly touching the floor and toes out) with feet wide apart. Perform 25 reps.

2. Add Folded Squeeze

Perform 20 reps of the folded squeeze on each side, starting with feet together before alternating feet out to the side, lowering into a squat and returning back to centre.

3. Add Plié Squat on Toes

4. Add Arabesque

Arguably the most difficult exercise for those out there lacking coordination, extend one leg out behind you with the opposite arm raised to the ceiling. Pulse up and down on yuor standing leg before repeating on the opposite side for one rep. Perform 25 reps.

5. Add Arabesque to Warrior III

Days 16-20 (Lunges)

1. Reverse Lunge with Front Kick

2. Add Reverse Lunge to Front Kick to Single Leg Deadlift

Precisely as the video above illustrates, except this time, we’ll swing out hanging leg back behind us after the front kick and balance while performing a deadlift straight down to the floor in front. Return to start position and perform 25 reps on each side.

3. Add Chair Pose to Alternating Reverse Lunge

4. Add Chair Pose Butt Burner

From chair pose, extend one leg out to the side before returning to centre and reaching the same leg out behind you to complete one rep. Perform 25 reps on each side

5. Add Chair Pose Side Steps

A killer after the butt burner we’ve just performed, we want to lower ourselves while remaining in chair pose with arms outstretched ahead of us. Take a big step out to one side before quickly stepping in the opposite direction to complete one rep. Perform 20 reps in total.

Days 21-25 (Lateral Moves)

1. Skate

2. Add Skate with a Cross Torso Floor Touch

On top of the 50 skaters we performed yesterday, we now want to throw in a cross torso floor touch, tapping the ground with our left hand to the right side (and vice versa) for another 50 reps.

3. Add Side Lunge to Balance Hold

4. Add Side Lunge to Outer Thigh Leg Lifts

Perform 20 side lunges out to the side, as was the case on Day 23, except now we want to follow up by lifting out arms to form a T shape with out body, lifting one leg up to come as close to that side’s hand as possible and lowering back to centre. Perform 25 reps on each side.

Your thighs are almost guaranteed to hate you in the morning.

The Ultimate 30-Day Bodyweight Butt Test 5
The ideal Warrior III pose.

5. Add Side Lunge to Warrior III Hold

Instead of outer thigh leg lifts, we want to follow our 25 side lunges with the Warrior III hold this time, keeping the pose for 30 seconds before repeating on the opposite side.

Days 26-30 (Explosive Exercises)

1. Double Snap Kicks

2. Add Side Kicks

Your groin will be under strain following the double snap kicks, but grit your teeth and follow those with 25 side kicks on each side immediately after, bringing the knee up to hip height before kicking outwards.

3. Add Balanced Back Kicks

4. Add Plank Walk-Ups R & L

From plank position, bring each leg up to your hands one after another until you’re in squat position. Again, reach each leg back one after another until you’re back in plank.

Start off leading with one foot and perform the exercise in that motion for 10 reps before switching sides and repeating on the opposite side for another 10 reps.

5. Add Jumping Jacks and Power Jacks

Here’s Jenkins’ 30-day bum-building programme in all its glory, condensed into one handy list:

The Ultimate 30-Day Bodyweight Butt Test 6Get out there and attack that a**.

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