14 year old girl benches 255 raw!

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How was your lift yesterday? You own the gym? Feel like you killed it? Turned “beastmode” on?

Before you get full cocky about your hardcore workout, you might want to introduce yourself to Maryana Naumova, the Russian 14 year old chick who can out lift you and all your buddies. In mother Russia, boys lift like girls…

The teen showed up at the 2013 Olympia in Vegas to show that even though she probably hasn’t even started puberty yet…she’s all woman.

She first benched (leg drive technique) 255 raw, then went on to to throw up 310 with assistance. No matter how any haters out there split it (because there are always haters…), Maryana is the real deal.

Apparently Russians really are tougher. Her pre-workout? Diesel fuel.

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