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25 Fat Burning Tips To End All Excuses

Burning fat is easier said than done. Nonetheless, we all wish for the celebrity body with those abs bulking out with no love handles. So, we’ve summed up 25 fat burning tips that will help you burn fat fast.

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25 Fat Burning Tips To End All Excuses

1. Run 100 Yard Sprints

If you run TEN 100 yard sprints, you can easily burn 500 calories daily.

On average, 3500 calories= 1 Pound fat. You’d shed 1 pound a week just from this exercise even if you didn’t change your diet.

2. Wear A Sweatshirt

You should always wear a sweatshirt before starting your workout, as your body tends to burn more calories when your muscles are warm.

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This increases your core body temperature and will allow you to be “warmed up” for your workouts.

3. Use Smaller Plates

Using smaller plates to serve meals can actually cut the size of your meals and satisfy the hunger.

4. Try Greek Yogurt

Immediately substitute the mayonnaise and sour cream with Greek yogurt. It reduces overall calorie intake and will be more creamy than your favorite mayo or sour cream.

5. Eat Shelled Nuts

Eat shelled nuts as it triggers the feeling of satiety according to studies.

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6. Chew Mint Flavored Gum

Eating sugar-free mint flavored gum after eating signals your brain to stop eating.

7. Start Eating Nuts

You should try to eat nuts instead of fast foods and sugary snacks. They deliver healthy fat.

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8. Try Power Yoga

Practicing power yoga once in awhile can help you burn up to 350 calories in a single session.

9. Workout On An Empty Stomach

Doing your workouts on empty stomach once in awhile helps to maintain high adrenaline and low sugar levels. Fasted training is effective and can lead to some great progress.

10. Alternate Between Sprinting And Jogging

Try to alternate between fast sprints and jogging. It helps to increase your metabolism rate. Think of it more like a HIIT routine.

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11. Eat More Protein For Breakfast

Add more protein in your breakfast instead of carbs. It helps lower body fat and increases metabolism.

12. Get A Training Partner

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Having a training partner reduces your chances to skip workouts by 34% according to a research.

13. Drink More Water

You should definitely consume plenty of water on daily basis. One of the adverse side-effects of dehydration is feeling of hunger

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14. Avoid Fried Foods

Do not fry your foods. Instead, try to boil, broil, bake, grill, or poaching your foods.

15. Take Up Swimming

Swimming is a very effective aerobic exercise that burns a lot of calories and allows you to swim for hours.

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16. Take Progress Pictures

Always take a before and after photo. Seeing your results actually keeps you motivated and focused on improving yourself.

17. Avoid Cream And Sugar In Coffee

Switching to skimmed milk instead of cream or sugar in your coffee can cut down 100 calories.

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18. Take Up Cycling

Do cycling as often as you can. Just one hour of cycling burns 500 calories. This is a great chance to get out and enjoy the nice weather.

19. Try The Elliptical Trainer

Always workout on elliptical trainer with handles to increase your calorie consumption through engaging the arm muscles.

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20. Eat Berries

Consider adding berries into your diet and protein shake as well to increase the fiber consumption.

21. Try Avocados

Eating avocados deliver a huge amount of healthy fats and nutrients. Replace your mayo with some avocado and enjoy some great flavors.

22. Drink Tea

Increase the amount of tea you drink, especially the green tea. It delivers antioxidants to your body and helps burn more calories.

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23. Change Up Your Workout Routine

You should confuse your body by changing your workout routine. Allowing your muscles to settle down will not contribute anything towards their growth.

24. Increase Protein Intake

You should definitely increase your overall daily protein intake. Doing this will help to increase your metabolism and lower your body fat.

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25. Perform Heavy Squats

Add heavy squats into your training protocol for amazing progress. Squats can help to engage variety of muscles and burn more calories.


Try slowly adding some of these tips into your daily routine. Slowly making healthy changes will lead into a snowball effect of weight loss.

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