Burn Belly Fat Fast With these 9 Exercises Without Having to Jog or Run

Say goodbye to cardio with these fat-burning alternatives!

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Nothing can be much worse than having stubborn belly fat and those love handles on the sides, completely ruining your physique and looks. Running on a treadmill or pedalling that bike in the gym seems long and exhausting. Moreover, not all of us have enough time to hit the gym every day with a workout plan. This can make the fat-burning process even more difficult.

So, here are nine exercises you can try at home and burn belly fat faster than ever without having to run, jog or even hit the gym.

1. Butterfly Crunch

Butterfly Crunch

The butterfly crunch exercise directly targets the six-packs. To perform this exercise, you need to lie on your back on a flat surface. Use a yoga mat if you have one. With your knees bent and your feet as close to the body, place the hands behind your head with your elbows in line with ears and keep the back flat on the floor. Now, contract your stomach muscles, exhale and curl the chest up as much as you can. Do at least 10 to 12 reps.

2. Front Plank

Though elementary but this never gets old. The front plank exercise targets the transverse abdominals. The exercise is pretty easy to do. With your elbows lying flat on the ground, extend legs behind you, and rest on the balls of the feet.

front plank

Make sure your back is flat as much as possible. However, the hip should be slightly up. Once the plank is made, maintain this position for at least 60 to 90 seconds and repeat the process three to five times. While holding the position, look at a distant object in front of you.

3. Side to Side

Its time to target the obliques. Not only you’ll be burning your belly fat but also getting rid of the love handles. Bends your knees lying flat on the floor. Your feet should be flat and arms by the side. Hold the breath, contract the belly muscles by sliding the right hands towards the right foot.

side to side

Do the same for on the left side. Do at least three sets of 15 reps each. When sliding the hands towards the foot, your neck should be aligned with the head.

4. Finger to Toes

Once again, lie on your back with your legs straight and extended towards the ceiling. Keep your arms down by the sides. Hold this position and finally exhale and contract the abs as you crunch up as much as you can, extending the fingers towards your toes.

finger to toes

This one is pretty tough to do, start with a single set of 15-20 reps and leverage up to three sets each of 15 reps. You can tie some weight on your legs to take it to the next level.

5. Scissors

Lie flat on your back and keep the hands underneath your hips. Now tighten your abs and elevate the right knee. Touch it to the top of right knee. Return to the original position and this time, do the same process with your left knee. Do 15 reps for two sets and make sure your abs are contracted throughout the reps.

6. Burpees

Burpees target major muscle groups and make your heart pump faster to help burn more calories and fat. As a matter of fact, burpees burn more belly fat than spending hours doing low-intensity cardio.


To perform a burpee, stand with feet hip width apart and the arms by the side. Now lower into a squat position with the hands on the floor in front. Kick the legs backward into a push up position and lower the chest to the floor. Finally, push the chest back up, thrust into the squat position and jump up and raise both the hands over your head.

7. Pulls Up

Pulls up are very effective to tone the back and burn belly fat.

pull ups

This exercise is pretty tough and takes time to master. Both your hands must be width apart from the back such that you form a V-shape. Now, with maximum force on your arms and with your abs contracted, pull yourself up till both the elbows are bent. Try to do at least eight to 12 reps every day.

8. Squats

Another basic exercise, yet an effective one many of us often neglect.


It’s recommended to do with barbell or dumbbells but bodyweight squats are also effective. However, you can always add intensity to your exercise to make it more effective.

9. Jumping Rope

jumping rope

Lot better than just running. It pumps up the heart faster and burns ton of calories in less time. You can try the phantom skip where you have to toss the rope on the side and pretend as if your were jumping rope through the motions.

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