How Fit Shaming is the New Fat Shaming

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People as a whole are a lot more accepting of varying body types and preferences. Men who love thick chicks, women who love fit chicks, and everything in between. There has been a giant push for women to think more positively about their bodies which is awesome!. I don’t believe anyone should dislike the body they are in. Political correctness…and overall politeness…has dictated that one of the worst things you can do is make fun of someone who is overweight. Unfortunately, there is a new sort of shaming going on. While fat shaming is supposed to tear others down, fit shaming is something that can do just that as well. Is fit shaming the new fat shaming?

People Think Its OK to Call Us Gross

I’m currently boycotting a radio station (ahem, DC’s Kiss) because one of the hosts called bodybuilders “so incredibly gross”. When tweeted that replacing fat with bodybuilders would cause an uproar, it was stated that it was her opinion and her opinion was that bodybuilders are gross. Fact: if you’re someone who thinks its ok to call someone else gross and that person is not currently doing an actual gross thing…you’re an idiot.

We’re Told to Eat Something

People feel the need to disrupt our diet on a regular basis, waving junk food in our faces because eating clean with commitment isn’t “normal”.

We’re just over here, drinking our pre-workout and protein snack, trying to live our best, healthiest lives, so no thanks. In general, your nose shouldn’t be in other people’s business, but it definitely shouldn’t be in my meal plans.

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the temptation is real
the temptation is real

People Assume We’re Unhealthy

Because if you have a lot of muscle, whether a guy or a girl, you’re probably doing something unhealthy. Working out too much, taking too many supplements, injecting something. Just the same way that you can have a little (little!) extra junk in the trunk and be a healthy person,  I can carry a lower body fat percentage and still be healthy and active. It’s incredible how many people assume so for the record…don’t.

Women Are Told We’re Unattractive

While we understand everyone has their preferences, it still isn’t ok to tell a fit woman how you just don’t find fit women attractive. You just…you just don’t do that! No one even asked you! Trust us, if you’re a guy who thinks this way we probably don’t want you…you obviously don’t carry the intellect to realize how awesome we are :p

stop shaming my beautifully crafted muscles!
stop shaming my beautifully crafted muscles!

People Are Downright Rude to Our Faces (#sorrynotsorry)

If you lift, you have without a doubt heard the following. Women to Women: I’m sorry but I would never want to look like that. Women to Men: I’m sorry, but I don’t think guys with that much muscle are cute. Men to other men: That guy is probably a douche.
It doesn’t really matter what you’re saying, if you exchanged the words to include sexual orientation/weight/race and you wouldn’t say it to those people, don’t say it to us.

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It’s Less OK for Women Than For Men

Men are supposed to have more muscles, women are supposed to look more feminine. Sound familiar? Guys have this magic ability to be pretty much be anything and women will love them (as long as you can make us laugh), but women don’t have it as easily. This is an unfortunate truth.

but then again, this is considered the perfect woman
but then again, this is considered the perfect woman
one for our guys
one for our guys

We Mostly Get it From Other Women

Per usual, because we’re only really getting used to cheering each other on, a lot of shaming you’ll see online or in person will be from other women. “She doesn’t have any boobs anymore” is similar to “she only has boobs because she’s big”. Women may say things out of jealousy, but there is seriously no reason for women to hate on each other so much. Chicks before dicks, am I right over here?!

Backhanded Compliments Are Regular

People who are overweight have probably received so many backhanded compliments, their heads spin. Now, we seem to be getting it too. If you’ve heard any of the following, you’ve been given a backhanded compliment:
“I wish I could flaunt my body the way you do, but I’m just not like that”
“Yeah, some people think female lifters are manly, but you really embrace your muscles, good for you!”
“Your commitment is impressive. I mean, I’d never want to spend all my time at the gym, but its so cool you do”

Let’s get this straight – shaming should never happen. In the fitness world, we should be celebrating those who are trying to be healthier. For those outside of our community that feel the need to comment how a muscular women probably has a dick or how some guy looks like he injects, you have no clue how many people start lifting because they were bullied/depressed/neglected. I’ll leave this with a simple…Lift Heavy!


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  1. With over 60% of the population being overweight people within a healthy weight range are in the minority, those who train and have visible muscle are an even smaller percentage – the females get comments about losing their femininity and the males get accused of being douchebags.

  2. Women, in society, will never admit that they would fall for a muscular guy, or that they yearn for one. That’s because admitting that is the same as admitting they want to have sex with them, I figure.

    But it’s quite another story when they are alone in front of a muscular guy or when they talk between girls: they drool over muscular guys. OK. Some of them like teddy bears. Not everyone has the same taste. But if you are a woman, go to a Chippendales show and see how crazy women get. That’s insane !

    I found out that women with a certain body type want a Mike Tyson in their life… That was confirmed several times.

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