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Having an extra bulk of fat stored within your abdominal cavity not only makes you overweight and increases the risk of different disease but also spoils your overall appearance.

Most of the fat that accumulates around the waistline is deeply embedded in the abdomen which makes it pretty tough to get rid of. Not to mention that visceral is hard to notice as it envelops the organs located in the midsection of your body. This includes pancreas, liver, and intestines.

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While it is normal to have some percentage of visceral fat when it goes beyond a certain limit, it can interfere with the healthy functioning of your liver and may result in stroke, choking, and even death due to high cholesterol.

The majority of the people who have a high percentage of subcutaneous fat also tend to develop diabetes and high blood pressure. A study also tells that excessive visceral fat can even cause cancer, stroke, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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How to Know if You Have High Percentage?

On average, for women, if the waistline is more than 30-inches and for men 40-inches+, then it is a red signal that you have excess stomach fat, despite having a healthy weight and overall good health.

viscelar fat

All that said above means that if your visceral fat stuck in your abdomen, you must take necessary steps to get rid of it ASAP.

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1. Proper Diet

Many times we have mentioned in previous articles that a healthy diet is the road to a healthy physique. You can’t out-exercise a poor diet.

Proper Diet

To eliminate this fat, increase the intake of veggies and fruits and reduce the consumption of fat by 20-30% of your daily calories. You should also kick those processed foods, junk items, sodas, and alcohol. Instead, rely on healthy fats like olive, peanut, canola, sesame, safflower oils, lean protein, etc.

2. Increased Physical Activity

Recent facts tell us that nowadays, more people are dying because of lack of exercise as compared to those who die due to smoking. This is an alarming situation for us. If you think that despite working out daily the fat isn’t reducing, increase your physical activity.

Increased Physical Activity

Increase the number of days per week that you work out. Keep a goal of exercising at least 1 hour a day. Run for at least 15-20 minutes daily. This reduces cholesterol levels and boosts your metabolism.

3. Keep Yourself Motivated

After diet and training, the next thing to think about is motivation. I know it’s pretty hard to stop eating all of those delicious and cheesy items at once and it will often demotivate you. This is where the factor of motivation comes in.

Surround yourself with people who are consistent with a healthy diet plan and workout routine. Set up your goals, have patience, don’t expect overnight success. To overcome your cravings, keep two cheat days in a month where you can have a bit of extra spice or oily stuff.

We recommend tracking your daily calorie intake as well. Join MyFitnessPal. It is a free platform that allows you to setup your fitness goals and keeps you motivated.

4. Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Your daily routine determines how much focused, persistent and well-motivated you are. For this, you must adopt a healthy lifestyle. I know it’s easier said than done, but you really need to stop smoking, avoid alcohol, too many late-night hangouts and processed food.

Adopt a healthy Lifestyle

A good night’s sleep is the key to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body.

With all these habits, you’ll gradually start to notice a lower percentage of visceral fat and an overall improvement in your health.

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