Is This the Sexiest Workout for a Fit Couple?

Boss Workouts Shape and Burn

If you think you and your guy are the cutest fitcouple out there, sending kisses across the gym while he’s at the free weights rocking bi’s and you’re in the squat rack building a booty, think again.

Brazilians Jaco Excellence</a href> and lady love Natalia Cichos</a href> prove that not only can you get an awesome workout without all the machines and weights, but that sometimes the best workout partner is the one you’re with.

From individual movements to complex supersets with them completely intertwined, Jaco and Natalia make working out very sexy.

Wonder when they will patent their move at 1:35, The Spread Eagle Chest Pelvis Pump. Take a look, then go find some hot person to date and make your own video. Clothing optional.

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