Does High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Really Live Up To The Hype

Is HIIT Really Worth Doing?

Boss Workouts Shape and Burn

Nowadays, we see that majority of the fitness programs are mapped around high-intensity training and undoubtedly, it has been practiced in the gym for years and nowadays, we even come across HIIT workouts that can be performed at home with no equipment.

However, a question here arises that, is HIIT really worth it?

Without any arguing, the answer is YES.



Should you be doing it?

Now, that’s something debatable.

Is HIIT Really Worth Doing?

With HIIT, you basically spend less time to maximize your gains. Ideally, 15-30 minutes of HIIT workout is recommended. The exercises include bursts of movement followed by a very short rest period. This way, your caloric burn rate remains high during and after the training. It makes you sweat and swear and guarantees a lean, toned and healthy body, provided that you follow it the right way.

To answer, whether you should be doing HIIT or not depends on your goals. Here is a breakdown of some of these people often want to achieve through high-intensity training.

1. Lose Weight

One of the most common and popular goals of many individuals is to lose weight and HIIT is the perfect thing to do. Several studies have proven that caloric burn from one hour on a treadmill is surpassed by HIIT at a fraction of the time.

Lose Weight

A study by American College of Sports Medicine says,” HIIT workouts help to burn more calories in less time as compared to the traditional workouts and especially after you’ve done your HIIT. The post-exercise period or excess post-exercise oxygen consumptions (EPOC) is normally a 2-hour period after the exercise bout where your body tends to restore itself to pre-exercise level. This way, it consumes more energy.”

Other than that, it also helps to build muscles and increase your metabolic rate.

2. You Want to Become a Yogi

You Want to Become a Yogi

Maybe yes, maybe No. Yoga does complement HIIT, but in some cases, it may not. The reason is, it is a strength-stretch-stamina builder and HIIT does inject all these in your body but it may not always be an ideal training regimen to follow if your goal is to become a yogi.

3. Want To Bulk Up

Definitely No!

Want a Shredded, Ripped and Lean Body

Even though I mentioned it develops muscles but it won’t give you the bulk you’re looking for. HIIT tends to burn more fat and consumes a lot of energy from your body, so it isn’t great for bulking. HIIT is geared for getting lean.

4. Want a Shredded, Ripped and Lean Body


Want To Bulk Up

HIIT helps to increase heart rate, engages multiple muscle groups and ensures high caloric burn and an increased metabolic rate. All of these factors are perfect for getting a shredded, ripped and lean body.

5. Health And Fitness


If you are overweight and want to shed some extra pounds fast and want to remain healthy, then HIIT will definitely help skyrocket your heart rate. However, you should avoid it if you are suffering or healing from an injury, as it’ll only worsen it again.

Health And Fitness

Overall, it is perfect for losing weight, increasing metabolism rate and improving overall body strength.


Utilizing HIIT to lose fat or get healthy is great. You will burn a lot of calories and get into great shape. If you are bulking, try to keep from performing HIIT training unless you have a voracious appetite.

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