Silicone And Cement—Would You Risk Your Life For A Bigger Butt?

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Take a look at your favorite fitness models. What’s that one thing they all have in common? A big, shapely butt, obviously! While some women are blessed with amazing booty-building genetics (with minimal effort), there are many women who struggle to gain size, even with the most intense booty-building training regime.

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Last year, over 22,000 butt enhancement surgeries were performed in the United States. This plastic surgery typically costs around $10,000 and involves placement of silicone implants (larger than those used in breast augmentations) under the muscles of the gluteus maximus, to give an appearance of a fuller, rounder derriere.

However, for many in pursuit of their dream body, they want the quick fix for their fanny without the extreme price tag. As a result, these women often turn to backstreet surgeons who are willing to perform a butt enhancement in the comfort of a hotel room for as little as a few hundred bucks.

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Sounds like a bargain, right? Absolutely. But the “surgeons” operating illegally have no medical training and often use substances such as superglue and cement in their operations. The result of these scandalous surgeries is just as horrifying. Many women have reported infections, hardening of the muscle, the formation of lumps under the skin, and death in some cases.

With these scary side effects in mind, why are so many women still pursuing a bigger butt by any means necessary? And who are the people performing these shady surgeries? We have uncovered all the answers…

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A Fuller Figure Fast

For many of us ladies who lift, we know that building our bodies can be a very long and slow process. Unlike our male counterparts, it is harder for us to build muscle as we have lower testosterone levels, and we’re genetically pre-disposed to hold more body fat (damn you, biology!). This means if we want to improve our physiques by training and dieting, it’s going to take a little patience.


But ain’t nobody got time for that! We have Instagram accounts to maintain and hump day waits for no woman! Plastic surgery offers an instant fix to our body woes, meaning that we can quickly become happier and more confident in ourselves. For many women, this gives them a new lease of life, improves their relationships, and allows them to pursue new career goals. One woman who underwent a butt enhancement used cosmetic surgery site, Real Self, to explain:

I’ve always been self-conscious of my rear. I was ridiculed in high school for having a ‘flat ass’ and I’ve had boyfriends say they find it unattractive too. I finally decided to get implants just over a year ago and I feel much happier and more secure in myself. It cost a lot of money, but I love my body now!

It seems that surgery can go more than skin deep, particularly when the problem area has caused severe insecurity or resulted in bullying. However, what happens if you want that hourglass figure, but you’re low on funds? That’s when many women start to look outside of expensive clinics and into the shadier side of surgery.

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Surgery In The Shadows

In 2015, Vinnie Taylor was convicted of federal fraud charges after conducting over 3,000 illegal butt enhancement surgeries. Taylor, 44, of Wilmington, NC, administered the silicone buttock injections in hotel rooms across America, charging customers from $800 to $1,000 for an initial visit and $350 to $800 for repeat business.

Vinnie Taylor

With no medical license and zero training, Taylor purchased over 152 gallons of food-grade silicone (designed for processing and packing purposes) and then went about performing amateur surgery on thousands of women, injecting the substance into their glutes, sealing the wound with superglue, and bandaging them using cotton swabs and plastic wrap!

If that wasn’t bad enough, at a Prince George’s County hotel in March 2014, a woman experienced breathing problems after receiving illegal injections from Taylor. She was taken to a local hospital where she later died. The medical examiner determined the woman’s cause of death to be “acute and chronic respiratory failure due to a foreign substance.”

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Taylor isn’t the only non-professional doing these kinds of procedures. A quick search online and you’ll find hundreds of people offering the service. This is because it is a very lucrative business for those involved. Some are earning millions of dollars over the course of just a few years! And with almost no overhead, everything they make is profit.

However, as more and more women turn to budget surgeries to get the bodies they desire, there are more and more instances of less than desirable results. In another case, one woman received buttock injections that she thought were pure medical-grade silicone. When her body tissue began to harden, she went to the hospital and discovered that she was injected with a mixture of liquid cement, bathroom caulk, and mineral oil.

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With the list of medical issues ever growing as a result of these botched operations, the small price tag hardly seems worth it—particularly as you could end up paying with your life.

Shaped by Squats

While these surgical horror stories are terrible to hear, many women still seek out illegal cosmetic procedures as their desire for a bigger booty outweighs the dangers involved. Many women also reason with themselves that there is a risk of complications with all forms of surgery, so why not go for the cheaper option and save a little cash?

Bakhar Nabieva Squats

The truth of the matter is that with a professional, qualified surgeon, those risks are much lower. You’re paying for quality and expertise with a real surgeon. Sure, there are cases of surgeries going wrong, but those are incredibly rare, and they’re usually rectifiable.

Still want a bigger butt but struggling to scrape together the cash? A gym membership will set you back around $50 a month and squats, hip thrusts, kick-backs, and Romanian deadlifts will cost you some time and effort. It will take a while to see your body take shape with this method, but there are zero risks involved, and you will have truly earned that ba-donk-a-donk by the end.

Squat on, ladies. Squat on!


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