Pump Your Guns Up With This Excruciating Workout

So you want to have arms that will rival Rich Piana himself? Alright, we got something for you. The following exercises are repetition killers and are designed to give you the ultimate pump and give your arms some serious muscle stress. Now let’s get this show on the road.

Workout For A Great Arm Pump

1. Bodyweight Chin Ups

You can do nothing but chin ups and get big arms, so chin ups are an essential here. The trick will be in hitting a sub failure rep range. If your failure is 10 reps, then do eight reps. No point in burning out at the first exercise.

2. Rope Triceps Extensions

Pump Your Guns Up With This Excruciating Workout 2

I put rope extensions, but try alternating between bar and rope to hit the muscle better. Since the goal of this vascularity, you’re gonna be needing lots of reps. So go hard on this ’till failure, I’d suggest adding drop sets to get an even better pump effect and vascularity.

3. 21s

This one is a given when talking about getting pulsating huge arms. Use a lighter weight (use a barbell) because this will require some serious pain and endurance. Lower the barbell to an outstretched position and raise it to the 90 degree angle seven times.

After that you go from a 90 degree angle than go all the way up to the top, do that seven times. After you’ve done those seven reps, do seven more, full range of motion reps. This will give your arms some serious soreness and muscle stress that will make them vascular as hell.

4. Eccentric Cheat Curls

This one won’t require a lot of reps; instead the focus will be on the weight. You can do this with either a dumbbell or a barbell, whichever you prefer, but for simplicity sake I’ll assume you used a barbell.

Load a barbell with a weight you couldn’t lift comfortably for reps and raise it up with a cheat curl. Then on the lowering part of the curl you do it in a slow controlled manner. This will build some strength in your arms and let you lift a weight that you couldn’t lift otherwise.

5. Bodyweight Dips

Pump Your Guns Up With This Excruciating Workout 3

Time to hit the triceps again, this time around, it’s the bodyweight dips. One of the best exercises for your triceps is the dips. It’s awesome and gives you great size and strength. Again, don’t go until failure, because the point is to blast out multiple rounds of dips.

6. Tricep 21s

Pump Your Guns Up With This Excruciating Workout 4

Let’s do some more triceps with, again, 21s. Since it brings so much tension and stress to the biceps, it’s only fitting we give the triceps the same treatment. Grab a barbell with an overhead grip and start pumping 21s like mentioned in the biceps variation. It will burn, it will be painful, your knees will begin to buckle, but the results will be awesome.

 Continued below…

 7. 50 Rep Curls

This is a great finisher exercise which you can do for both biceps and triceps and it requires only one thing, an empty barbell. Grab the empty bar and aim to hit at least 50 reps. If you can get to 100 reps you are a masochist, but you will have sweet ass arms to show off.

8. Close Grip Bench Press

We finish this off with some triceps. The close grip bench press will be to give you some serious burn in your arms. Superset this with some biceps 21s and your arms will be crying for mercy.

The Workout

Ok, so those were the exercises, now how about we give you a workout template you can use in the gym? Well alrighty then! Here’s how’s this gonna go down, you will superset your exercises and pause only when your superset ends. The first exercise is high rep one, the other one is until failure.

1# Superset

  • Triceps Extensions-15 reps/Bodyweight chin ups

2# Superset

  • 21s/Dips

3# Superset

  • Close Grip Bench Press/50 rep

4# Superset

  • Tricep 21s/Eccentric Cheat Curls

Now before you sarcastically start pointing out that the rep scheme doesn’t match what is written under the exercise themselves, keep in mind that this is just a template. You can play around with this any way you like, it’s not set in stone.

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