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Avoid These 5 Sexy Shoulder Lifting Mistakes

Your shoulders play an important role in building an ideal physique and not to mention that they take a hell lot of time to grow and strengthen. Also, your shoulder joints are extensively used in every upper body workout.


That being said; you cannot afford a shoulder injury and these are very prone during a shoulder workout. Though we all learn by trial and error but still you must figure out what works the best and will help prevent any such incidents that might be brutal for your shoulders. Other than injuries, shoulder sprain can also hinder you from staying consistent with your workout routine.


With a whopping 60% of the modern bodybuilders experiencing shoulder injuries at some point in their training, here are 5 shoulder training mistakes you should avoid.

Avoid These 5 Sexy Shoulder Lifting Mistakes

1. Going Heavy With Behind The Neck Press

Let’s keep the ‘heavy-lifting ego’ aside and focus on what’s better for your shoulders. I know to build big, you have to lift big but overloading your muscle too much can result in serious injury, especially for shoulders when they are extensively used not in bodybuilding but your daily life activities.



You may end up with a permanent shoulder injury. So, don’t go too heavy on the behind neck presses and even when you go for heavy weights, have a partner to assist you.

2. Positioning Hands To Close On Upright Rows

For a proper form you have to keep the hands close on upright row but way too close is dangerous. This can badly hurt your shoulder and hinder their mobility.



Also, professional bodybuilders say that the benefits of close-grip variation are minimal and can even result in an injury or sprain.

3. Elbow Position Doing Lateral Raises

Nothing beats lateral raises when it comes to building shoulder width and thickness. They target the middle deltoids and rapidly promotes the muscle growth.


But, locking your elbows while doing the lateral raises is not only counter-productive but can result in a shoulder injury. It’s strictly advised not to lock your elbows, instead slightly bend them and then perform the lateral raises. Similarly, bending your elbows too much isn’t good for targeting the delts.

4. Rotator Cuff Mistake

Most of the individuals tend to focus on exercises that target all the three heads od deltoids and a very few on isolated moves for the traps. But it is way too insufficient for shoulder muscle development as the rotator cuff muscles are totally neglected.



It’s important to note that your rotator cuff muscles play an important role in providing stability to the shoulder complex and smooth rotation of the shoulder joints. You should focus on exercises that target the rotator cuff muscles so they are able to support your shoulders while lifting heavy weights.

5. Elbow Position on Rear Deltoid Exercises


For the rear deltoid exercises your arms must be lock and in a slightly bent position. The bend must be minimal to target the correct muscles in the shoulders. If your rear delt movement stresses more on the triceps than extending the elbow, you are definitely ruining your shoulder day.


Share this with your gym buddies and help them avoid shoulder injury.

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