Build Gigantic Shoulders With These 4 Rarely Used Exercises

Build bigger shoulders with these exercises.

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There are many different and useful exercises you can choose to grow stronger and bigger shoulders. Some of them are more effective when you want to train them together with other muscles, while others are more beneficial when you want to target the shoulders specifically.

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However, all of them provide some sort of benefit. So, it’s important to have plenty of different exercises in your routine so that you could hit your shoulders from many different angles. This allows making sure your shoulders grow bigger and stronger in the fastest way possible.

4 Highly-Effective Exercises For Increasing Shoulder Size

1. Arnold Presses

As the name suggests, this exercise was created by Arnold Schwarzenegger so that he could increase his shoulder size. Start this exercise by holding the dumbbells close to your chest while making sure your wrists face inward.

Push the dumbbells up and turn your wrists to the outside at the same time. Then, lower the weights while moving your wrists inwards again so that they would be in the same position as when you started.

Thanks to moving your wrists while performing Arnold presses, this exercise requires some mobility and gives additional work to your shoulders, so you should definitely give a try to this exercise.

2. Standing Weight Plate Press

Instead of using the dumbbells or kettlebells, you need to use two plates while doing this exercise. While it may feel a bit uncomfortable if you’re doing this exercise for the first time, you’ll soon get used by performing it.

Everything you need to do is similar to performing regular shoulder presses. The only difference is that you instead of raising the dumbbells, you need to raise the plates. Even if you use the same amount of weight, using the plates will give more work to your wrists and fingers, which results in strengthening your grip.

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Doing this is highly important for performing heavy weight exercises and growing bigger arms. If doing this exercise isn’t comfortable for you while standing then you can do it while sitting.

3. Single Arm Landmine Barbell Press

Another shoulder exercise you can perform to add variety to your routine is single arm landmine barbell press. While the name is quite complicated, the exercise is easy to learn and is especially good for those who suffer from shoulder injuries as it doesn’t irritate the shoulders.

Begin it by taking one side of the barbell into one of your hand while leaning a bit closer to the barbell. Push the barbell away from you and then move it closer to your shoulder once again. After you perform this exercise with one of your arms, do the same amount of sets and reps with the other so that both sides of your body can get the same amount of work.

4. Incline Rear Delt Raise

Lay down on your chest on the incline bench press and pick up the dumbbells into your arms. At first, keep your arms under your chest and only then start moving your arms backward. Then, slowly move your arms closer to one another.

Make sure to be careful when doing this exercise for the first time as for some people it might irritate the shoulders. If this feeling of irritation doesn’t stop after doing this exercise for three weeks, then you should find more appropriate exercises for your body.

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Try these exercises at least once while doing your shoulder workout so that you could see just how beneficial they are.

See the video about how to build massive shoulders below:

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