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Cookie Miller Shares Tips on How She Dropped 70lbs in a Year


The pre-diagnosis of diabetes should always be the enormous and terrifying wake-up call to get yourself to the gym and change your eating habits to try and save your life. This is exactly what happened with Cookie Miller. She was piling on the pounds, depressed and tired.

She fueled herself on fast food as a college student because it was quick, easy and cost-effective. A secret everyone should know is healthy food can be fast, easy and cost-effective, too!


Millers was always at McDonalds ordering the $1 options and, being a Louisiana native, she had a soft spot for po-boys, jambalaya and gumbo. When she moved into her apartment after college, she made the foods she grew up on as that was her norm. She was exhausted and so unhappy. Cookie wanted to stop being fat, have energy and shop for clothes at normal stores.

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Once Miller decided to alleviate this pre-diagnosis, she began exercising, changed her eating and of course started to see the fat fall off. Like so many, Cookie “drank the fitness-addicting Koolaid,” and was hooked on getting fit and becoming healthy. Her new positive lifestyle also helped her attack her depression.

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After losing 70 pounds in one year, Cookie decided to stop focusing on the number on the scale and tracked her progress in the mirror and by the way she felt. She continued to reach her fitness goals by educating herself further and becoming a personal trainer. She was inspired and wanted to inspire others, which is a common theme among people who have gone through such a tremendous weight change.


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Miller was fueled and filled with energy thanks to a diet plan consisting of healthy options such as egg white vegetable omelettes, Greek yogurt, grilled chicken, fish and salads. Three healthy meals a day and snacks like sweet potatoes kept her away from ordering at a fast food counter.

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Cookie’s training style did not change throughout her weight-loss journey, but as she got stronger and leaner, the intensity did! She still runs three to six days a week and takes HIIT (high intensity interval training) classes and Grit classes.

Grit is the belief that you can accomplish anything with your individual passion for a long-term goal and complete determination to be a success. Cookie also loved Zumba, and although she doesn’t take it anymore, it helped inspire her, and she is proud to have held her own front-row spot.

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The hardest thing can often be to stay motivated. Everything got easier once Cookie started to see results and stopped complaining about having to work out or prepare meals in a new, healthier way, and her new behavior became a way of life. She was happy! Her journey definitely wasn’t always easy or drama-free. Cookie had a food addiction and one night started throwing out the contents of her refrigerator into a dorm hallway.

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Results motivated Cookie at the beginning and they continue to motivate her now. There isn’t anyone out there who doesn’t love results! She says the most frustrating thing about being a trainer is the clients who do not apply what they have learned. We trainers can only guide, it’s the clients who have to do the work. Cookie hopes to guide her clients and constantly motivate them, because her trainer failed her at that.

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Miller wants everyone to start their weight-loss journey now, and says to take the same amount of time with your workouts and meal prep as you would looking through your before and after shots. Throw away the junk food and don’t buy it anymore. If it’s not in your house or in your car, you won’t eat it. Make your choices the right ones for your success story!

Finally, Cookie is so grateful she took control of her life before her bad choices ended up taking it away from her.

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