Teachers Dramatic Weight Loss Accused Of Going Under The Knife

What an incredible transformation

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Here’s a story about a teacher who proves that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Meet Laura Micetich, a 25-year-old teacher from Tennessee who lost an astonishing amount of weight naturally. This story comes to all of us after Laura ballooned to nearly 300 pounds living a secret life of Binge Eating.


The gym is a scary place: the six-foot teacher says she faced discrimination when working out with people thinking that she wasn't serious about losing the weight

Standing at six-foot tall, Laura felt like her body was intimidating. But it wasn’t until her four-year relationship had ended that she decided it was time to make a change. A change for herself and also for her students. Laura originally considered weight loss surgery.

After joining a gym and losing her first few pounds, she changed her mind after realizing she could do it naturally. Laura wanted to get healthy. She knew that as a teacher, it was her job to be a role model for her students.


We all know breakups can be tough, and Laura had turned to eating to soothe the emotional pain she was feeling. She knew kids had no issue being honest, and her size would be pointed out by her students.

Laura’s motivation at the gym came from her fear of standing in front of the classroom. She turned to clean eating and weight training. Within six months, she nearly lost half her body weight.

People began to notice and make assumptions that she went under the knife. Laura’s transformation photos were even stolen and used in advertisements for weight loss supplements. Laura received an incredible amount of social media support, and I think we can all relate to this in some way or another.

The gym can be a scary place. I remember the feeling I had when I first stepped into a gym. Laura’s attitude was no different. At one point or another, you probably had to overcome the fear of caring what others thought of you. Laura powered through the discrimination and learned to stop victimizing herself and is an inspiration. She faced her fears and proved all those doubters and haters wrong. You go, Laura!

Despite her dramatic weight loss, her skin was left smooth. This is absolutely incredible. Laura credits weight training for that. Just look what weight training can do for your body.

Laura Micetich11

Laura’s main goal was to become happy and healthy, yet she never thought she would end up loving the gym. Now, she weight trains six times a week, and it has become part of her lifestyle.

She looks amazing! Laura shows us the power of courage, motivation, and hard work. Those struggling on their fitness journeys, don’t ever give up.

The Tennessee teacher says she joined a gym after starting her degree, fearing that she wouldn't be a good role model for students

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