You’d Never Believe Why This Guy Lost So Much Weight

The Motivational Weight Loss Journey Of Abrahiem Sarwar

abrahiem sarwar
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Losing weight is one heck of a task. Most of the individuals will diet all morning and at night wonder if they are skinny yet.

All jokes aside…

Today, we are sharing Abrahiem Sarwar’s post-breakup weight loss transformation and how he is an inspiration for many of those who want to shed some extra pounds.

abrahiem sarwar

Generally speaking, there will come a point in your life that “enough is enough.” You’re going to loathe everything about the habits you’ve picked up, how you look, and what got you there. Most people have their “breaking point” which, for Abreheim, was a detrimental breakup.

Most people will crawl inside of a container of ice cream, hide in bed and eat pizza, or completely stop doing anything healthy at all.

This guy took life by the horns and turned his life around, in such a huge way.

Abreheim’s Amazing Weight Loss Journey

Abrehiem Sarwar is living in San Antonio, Texas. Back in February, he posted his before and after photo which got him over 300K likes on a famous Instagram account WorldstarHipHop.

What we don’t know yet is the struggle behind this before-and-after photo and the story of this 21-year old boy who went through a complete body transformation.

On the left side, you see Sarwar who weighs a whopping 380 pounds but today he is only 205 pounds and fit AF.

Sarwar says,

I was just getting heavier through 4 ½ years of my relationship. I was just in my comfort zone with her but never realized how much bigger I was getting overtime.

abrahiem sarwar

However, the thing that forced him to action was the time when none of the clothes he was trying at a mall fit him anymore and his then-girlfriend made a remark about his weight and the way he appeared.

Sarward said, “I knew that I had to get myself to a better me, not for her, but for myself. It was a very depressing phase of my life.”

Hitting the gym daily wasn’t easy for him at all. It was more of a pain in the ass but it eventually got better and better.

Sarwar also mentioned, “I was hitting the gym here and there throughout my high school but just stopped going altogether eventually. The motivation was missing but luckily I found my motivation to prove myself and everyone else that I can change my whole life around.”

Image result for Christian Guzman

Sarwar learned a lot from YouTube Fitness videos. Vlogger, Christian Guzman’s videos are worth mentioning here that actually showed Sarwar the right path, how to use the proper form and small hacks to maximize his gym visits. He also held himself back from those fast foods at the restaurants and junk food. It made a huge difference to his body.

abrahiem sarwar

He said, “I start to prepare the recipes that bodybuilders eat on YouTube. It was cheap and better for my body.”

As of now, Sarwar aspired to be a fitness vlogger and he still gets motivated remembering his two years weight loss journey that has inspired thousands of people around the world.

I know how it feels when there is no hope around you. When there is nobody to guide you and you are there all by yourself. But surely you can change that is you take action, follow the rules and put in the hard work required.

Yes, Sarwar! You are a great source of motivation for us.

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