Are You a Non-Responder? Why Your Workout is not Working!

Stop your bad patterns and adopt the optimal approach.

The problem

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The term non-responder is one of those phrases used by those involved in health and fitness. Often, it is used to describe those who exercise regularly yet show no noticeable improvements in their fitness levels. Dispirited, many given this label totally give up on exercise, losing out on the benefits, of which there are many.

We all know the type. They join a gym or start an exercise program, stick to it religiously and yet… bupkis. Despite weeks of hard work, there’s nothing to show for it but sweat patches and a space where their cash used to be… Maybe it’s you. But what if it’s not because you suck at exercising, what if you’re not seeing results because of the type of workout?

Yoga: expectation vs reality

Remember when everyone was raving about how super-sweaty-stretchy class made them lean, flexible and focused? You met the coach, heard theory behind it, and happily went along to exercise in a heated room. While inhaling lungfuls of other people’s sweat, you gained a new appreciation of the phrase nothing tastes as good as lean feels. However, 12 sessions in, all it did was give you a lifelong loathing of pretending to be a cat and the kind of burning bush not mentioned in any holy book.

Non-responders aren’t just lazy

It takes time to notice the effects when starting a new exercise routine, however, it shouldn’t take more than one month. If you’ve been slogging your guts out week after week, with no discernible improvements, it is possible you may be a non-responder. But research shows there is hope!

Dog with pizza captioned:Yoganna finish that? Cuz I'm fitness this into my mouth

Previously regarded as lazy and slackers, non-responders have been looked down on for not trying hard enough and ultimately, for giving up. Now we have scientific proof showing no matter how hard non-responders worked at their program, they were unlikely to have success. Far from being weak-willed, self-sabotaging or not wanting it badly enough, their lack of success may even be genetically explained.

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The study focused on the adaptive response of recreational active adults to endurance and sprint interval training. The results showed we might have misunderstood and misjudged those labelled as non-responders all along. Although some people are non-responders to one or more types of exercise, everyone responds on some level to some form of exercise.

The solution

The researchers found by simply changing the type of workout, those previously labelled as non-responders also achieved results. The study showed those who were non-responsive to endurance training responded positively to the interval training. This research can have a huge impact on the lives of many. Non-responders rejoice. It really isn’t you, it is your workout.

There is no denying, bodies are different. This is evident even in our response to exercise; there is no one perfect exercise that works for everyone. Just as we’re not all going to like the same workout, our bodies can respond differently to different types of training, so if you’re not seeing results, don’t give up.

Two sets of hands on shower glass

Listen, working out is no different to bedroom activities. We wear very little, put in maximum effort, aim to get sweaty and hope to feel great at the end. None of us would keep doing the same stuff in the bedroom if we never got the desired outcome. We would insist bae tries something different and research some new moves.

If you’re a non-responder, make like in the bedroom. Even in fitness, experimenting is key. You don’t need to go all shades of grey (unless that’s your thing). Simply read up on different types of exercises on here and our brother site SpotMeBro.

However, if the only exercise you’re determined to do is sofa surfing, here is a collection of funny gifs of people and animals exercising just for you!

Homer Simpson sitting on a treadmill

Woman and walrus doing sit ups

80's couple doing pelvic swivel workout gif

People running into each other with swiss balls and falling

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