6 Workout Moves That’ll Take Your Love Life From Ordinary To Bomb

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Having amazing sex can boost your mood, brighten your day, and improve your overall health. How to take your ordinary sex life to the next mind-blowing level: The gym.large

6 Workout Moves That’ll Take Your Love Life From Ordinary To Bomb:

1. Kegels

Kegels won’t exactly make you break out into a sweat, but they can really make an incredible difference. When performing kegels, you’re clenching and releasing your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles A.K.A. a lady’s hot button to help her reach the big O. Routinely work them out and you’ll be able to reach a bigger and better O that will practically radiate through your body. The best part is they can be performed anywhere outside the gym at anytime: At your desk, in a meeting, eating Chipotle, or a Netflix binge.


2. Yoga

Downward dog followed by a strong seated twist can be the key to awesome sex. Practicing yoga, even as a beginner, can introduce you to a whole new array of moves. Yoga will improve your body’s flexibility. Those pretzel-twisting Kama Sutra moves won’t seem so impossible. Additionally, your partner will be able to hit corners in your vagina that you didn’t even know about. And you just may find your G-spot in the process.tumblr_manpob7INK1ro7kx2o1_500

3. Squats

The benefits of squatting go beyond sexy, toned legs and a perfectly shaped bum that your bedroom partner will really appreciate. Squats get your blood pumping throughout your entire body, including your southern hemisphere. That rush of blood can boost your libido, leaving you all hot and bothered. tumblr_m83wtsN3MG1qdazf7o1_500

More moves Continued below…

4. Cardio

Just reading that word is enough to induce anxiety. Nobody likes cardio, but it can give you the stamina for your sexual endeavors. There is nothing worse than getting in the groove and then falling short because you are exhausted. Plus, huffing and puffing like you’re about to drop dead of a heart attack is a mood-killer. Starting your routine with some jump roping or running will surely prepare you for a bedroom marathon. pass-out

5. Pelvic Tilts

These bad boys can strengthen your core muscles and lower back, which is absolutely necessary for amazing sex. During sex, you are using muscles throughout your entire body, especially in your pelvic area. Doing pelvic tilts to strengthen that area will help perfect your inner lady grip and the intensity during intercourse. Hey, that move can also be an interesting sex position to try. back-pain-pelvic-tilt

6. Hit The Gym With Your Boo

If you really want to have some mind-blowing sex with your partner, hit the gym together. After, when you’re all sweaty, your blood is pumping, and your libido is ripe for the picking, go home (or wherever?) and get it on. It will be some of the best sex you’ve ever had.a206b770-bee0-0131-9a36-2a4cb9979a59

Your sex life, whether it’s great or just meh, can massively benefit from an extra 20 minutes in the gym.

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