WWE’s Big Show Lost 70 Pounds And Is Now The Proud Owner Of A Six-Pack

A giant no more.

Big Show

We have featured many articles on our website in the past where people lose tremendous amounts of weight. This article is different in the sense the guy who has lost weight here happens to be one of the largest athletes in the world.

We love doing these articles as these can act as a source of motivation for a lot of people. People reading these types of articles might realize, if the people featured in the articles can do it, why not them? A simple thought like this can change your whole life.

Paul Donald Wight II, a.k.a. The Big Show is here to motivate you now. WWE is full of fit athletes. Some of these athletes are shredded to their bones, but The Big Show wasn’t one of them, until now.

A Giant With Abs


Although his sheer size was what got him the fame, Paul wasn’t really happy with his fitness level. He has lost 70 pounds and can finally see his abs. Making the plunge to reducing weight was a hard decision for Wight since athletes in his profession are encouraged to get as big as humanly possible.

Very few people know The Big Show’s massive size is caused by a tumor which formed on his pituitary gland causing growth spurt from the age of nine. Paul weighed in at 500 lbs multiple times during his wrestling career.

All of this weight gain wasn’t just because of his tumor. Paul confessed to having a bad eating habit which added to the problem. He clearly wasn’t one to follow the norms. He put on so much weight even while being in an environment which needed optimal physical performance.


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John Cena To The Rescue

The Big Show had given up all the hopes of losing weight but everything was about to change. He was about to run into John Cena, the guy who has motivated hundreds of people to get in shape by setting an example.

A passing comment by John Cena made him realize it was time he changed his life around. “We were talking about getting in shape and I said, “Ah, what the hell is a giant gonna do with abs?” and John looked at me with a straight face and said, “Yeah. A giant with abs. That wouldn’t be marketable at all.” And he walked off. It was kind of a shot, but later John reached out and congratulated me on the work I’ve done. That meant a lot—to have that respect from him was a big boost” – Wight told WWE.com.


Working with 500 lbs is no joke. Wight teamed up the famous celebrity trainer Dodd Romero and designed a training and nutrition plan according to his goals. When it comes to losing weight, setting goals aren’t enough. Paul had to learn about different foods like good and bad carbs, amongst other things.

Learning The Craft

He learned about different training programs and nutrition and what effects they could have on his body. He also focused a great deal on spiking up his metabolism to lose fat more efficiently and also improve his bone and joint health.

As he progressed, he started to see his sculpted muscles which motivated him to keep going. For the first time in two decades, he weighed in just under 400 pounds and he shows no signs of slowing down.

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“It was definitely a conscious decision. You don’t make the transformation I’ve made without a serious commitment to changing 40 years of improper diet and improper training. I wanted to make a change, and I was given the time and opportunity to make a change, so I took advantage of it. – Wight

Train Your Mind Along With Your Body

Losing weight is no easy task. It takes a lot of effort and figuring out what works for you.

“It’s funny, I used to ask guys who were in shape all the time, like Triple H, “What do you do?” It was hard to get information out of them, and I understand why now,” Paul said. “When you take the time and do the research (about nutrition) it’s more about what suits you, not what suits everybody.”

Fat loss is as big a psychological challenge as it is a physiological one. Most people give up on their goal of losing weight when they don’t see themselves progressing or it becomes hard for them to practice control on their diet and training.

“There is nothing more powerful, in the world, than the human spirit and the human will. It’s taken us to the moon, for God’s sake”, claims Wight.

The Best Is Still To Come

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While Paul is ecstatic – obviously – about his transformation, he says he won’t ever end up looking as great as his WWE peers like John Cena and The Rock. With this being said, he plans on getting in the best shape possible.

After his amazing transformation, we certainly need a new nickname for him. Drop your suggestions in the comments section down below.

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