Health Benefits Of Getting A Massage

Massages are awesome and here's why

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Massages often get a bad rep, because people basically think they are either useless or believe an impromptu porn scene will break out. Which is false, there’s no way a porn scene breaks out without paying extra for it.

Joking aside, a great massage can yield many health-related benefits. Going through your normal day-to-day routine accumulates a lot of stress. All that stress manifests physically in your body and starts doing all sorts of bad things, especially if you workout and/or play sports on a regular basis.

Think of all the nagging pains and sprains that pop up from time to time, and you don’t do anything about them. Just because you don’t feel that pain on a regular basis doesn’t mean it’s gone away. Let’s look at all the benefits of getting a massage.

Helps Aches and Pains

Unfortunately, aches and pains are a part of life. If you sit behind a desk all day, your body feels stiff, sore and takes a minute to get going, right?

Muscles get cramped, joints get sore, neck starts hurting and basically you’re one giant sore. A good massage can hit the cramped up spots and loosen up everything in your body. This works by telling your body to send pluripotent stem cells to sore spots and patch up everything.

Immune System Support

Your immunity can weaken and make you more prone to illnesses due to mental stress. This happens more than you may think – a college student during exam week is under a lot of stress.

All that mental pressure and stress can lead to your brain basically pushing a “reset button” and crashing your immune system. A good, healthy massage can relax your body, which in turn will relax your brain and relieve you of stress.

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Sleep Improvement

The tension we hold onto can result in insomnia. Fortunately, that can be fixed with a good massage, which relieves tension, sends red blood cells to inflamed areas and breaks down knots and cramped up areas of the body. Massages are all about relaxation and calming of the body, so the added relaxation and pain relief of a massage will help you sleep like a baby.

Reduce PMS Symptoms

There have been studies that show a good, quality massage can even reduce premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms like mood swings, water retention, cramps and stomach pains. Massages boast many health benefits, including reducing tension, relieving pain and allowing you to sleep like a log.

Since massages loosen up the body, releases toxins to be expelled and is used to alleviate pain, it should come as no surprise it helps alleviate PMS symptoms.


There’s hardly anything worse then being backed up. It’s uncomfortable, exhausting on the body and Elvis Presley even died from it.

You have two options if faced with this issue; you either down some laxatives and spend the next few hours on the toilet, or try an abdominal massage to help speed things up a bit.

Increases Range of Motion

Let’s face it, if you’re really into lifting and bodybuilding, you’re probably a bit on the stiff side. Strong muscles are tight and inflexible, which means those who lift heavy end up with the mobility of a robot.

Fortunately, a good massage can fix your mobility due to loosening up your muscles and freeing up your joints. Get that blood flowing to those muscles and give yourself the mobility needed to go “ass to grass” next time you’re squatting with three plates on your back.

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