TestoFuel Review – Does TestoFuel Work?

Read our Testofuel review to find out if it works and how it can affect your training goals

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Girl, we know what you’re thinking. Testosterone is for dudes right?!

Well, surprise. Our bodies produce testosterone too, and it actually plays a bigger role in your day-to-day health than you think. You can even be low on testosterone if you don’t support its production.

It’s important, as a woman, to have the right hormonal balance. Especially when testosterone can affect everything from your libido and menstrual cycle to your ability to grow muscle and energy levels.

To help you maximize your potential in the gym, we’ve gone out into the world of supplements to find you the best product to boost your testosterone levels. We’re looking for something effective, that supports your natural functions as a woman and gets results.

That’s when we found TestoFuel.

In this TestoFuel review, we look at the product, explain why we chose it, what it has to offer and how it can help maximize your performance in the gym.

TestoFuel Review – Article Preview

  • Do women need testosterone?
  • What is TestoFuel?
  • What’s in TestoFuel?
  • TestoFuel review for women: the results
  • TestoFuel is safe
  • How to take TestoFuel
  • What are other people saying?
  • TestoFuel review – the round-up


Do women need testosterone?

Trust us girl, you might think it’s all about the guys, but testosterone plays a big role in a huge range of your internal functions as a woman. Your body produces it naturally, although in smaller doses than men, and it’s important you maintain the right levels for good overall health.

This handy hormone affects your menstrual cycle, your libido, your metabolic health and can help keep you healthy and strong in general.  Here are a few of the functions testosterone can help with:

  • More energy
  • Muscle toning becomes easier
  • Increased libido and sex drive
  • Higher endurance levels
  • Lower risk of obesity
  • Improves metabolism to help burn fat


Worried about testosterone making you masculine?

We feel you girl, but let’s look at the numbers for some reassurance. Normal testosterone levels in woman scan fluctuate, but generally sit between 15-70 ng.dL, compared to a mans 300-1,000 ng.dL.

Not only do we have a much lower amount of the hormone in our system, we also have a hell of a lot of estrogen floating around too. False alarm ladies, there’s no fear of us turning ‘bro’ all of a sudden.

Unless you’re taking steroids, you’ll maintain your lady-like bod and avoid masculinization.

Key point: A natural testosterone booster won’t make you more masculine in the right doses

A TestoFuel box and bottle with red capsules in front

What is TestoFuel?

We searched high and low to bring you the right product and we think we’ve hit the mark with a TestoFuel review.

TestoFuel is a supplement, designed to help your body produce more testosterone in a natural and safe way. After a review of the TestoFuel ingredients, we found out that the little red pills don’t actually contain any testosterone at all. It’s actually made up of specifically selected nutrients that will support your body in creating the hormone naturally.

When it comes to ingredients, it’s right at the cutting edge. The developers have exhaustively tested the product and used only natural ingredients, which they say makes it super effective.

It doesn’t contain any dodgy synthetic hormones and it safely triggers testosterone production for a natural, healthy boost to your levels. Music to our ears.


What’s in TestoFuel?

Before we even started our TestoFuel review, we had a long hard look at what goes into this testosterone booster. We have to say, we were impressed with what we saw.

The people behind the supplement, Roar Ambition, have used 100% natural ingredients and all the latest science to create a safe boost for your body. This was good news to us at SMG, as we’re all about looking after our bodies, and not jamming them up with chemicals.

Here’s what we found in our TestoFuel review:


D-Aspartic Acid

This amino acid plays a big role in triggering the parts of your brain that control hormone release. In particular, the luteinizing hormone. Once this hormone is released from your pituitary gland, it tells your body to go ahead and produce more testosterone.


Oyster Extract

We all know what oysters are famous for. This aphrodisiac is known for improving your libido and research shows it improves your testosterone production too. Its also a great source of zinc which is vital to your wellbeing, recovery after a workout and on top of that, it promotes fat loss.


Vitamin D

Unless you’re lucky enough to soak up the sun on year-round vacations, you’re probably deficient in this essential vitamin. Your body produces this when the UV rays from the sun hit your skin. Without enough Vitamin D you’ll feel tired and moody, with it you’ll feel energized.



The use of magnesium is essential to promote both testosterone production as well as improving both recovery rates and fat loss.



This is a plant that is regularly used to flavor a range of dishes across the world. It’s also packed full of magnesium, zinc and can help your testosterone move uninhibited throughout your body for maximum effectiveness.


Asian Red Panax Ginseng

Another naturally occurring herb, ginseng has been used for years as a libido enhancer, aphrodisiac and mood improver. Science shows it increases testosterone production and triggers the production of that all-important luteinizing hormone.


As we looked into the science and studies surrounding these ingredients, we found they all played a key part in encouraging the natural production of testosterone in your body. Perfect, now we’re ready to take this TesoFuel review to the next level and check it out for ourselves.

Key point: We found out that TestoFuel is packed full of natural ingredients


Woman flexing back muscles and biceps to depict strength

TestoFuel review for women: The results

To help you find out if TestoFuel is right for you, we’ve gone ahead and tried it out ourselves.

The recommended amount of time to take a course of TestoFuel is 90 days, so we stuck to their advice and here’s what we found:


  1. More muscle, less fat

We know this is what you wanted to hear all along. We continued a regular lifting programme to see how the supplement would affect our performance in the gym. Those recovery boosting ingredients did their job well, we grew more muscle, we felt stronger and we burned more calories in every workout thanks to the extra muscle. When it comes to muscle growth and protein metabolism, TestoFuel delivered.


  1. More energetic

After about a week or two of taking the supplement, we started to note a real change in our energy levels. Whether it’s that mood improving Vitamin D or all the extra testosterone boosting ingredients, we have to say, we were full of energy with every workout.


  1. Increased libido

Now we know this isn’t directly related to the gym, but a good sex life always benefits overall well-being so what the hell. Plus we’re just looking out for our girls here. This added bonus kicked in a few weeks into the supplementation and took us a little by surprise. But it was a welcome surprise either way!


  1. Better mood

Along with more energy, we also felt a lot more positive and our mood generally improved. We’re not really an angry bunch, but we still enjoyed the benefits of feeling more optimistic


On top of these three main points, we also found our skin looked brighter and felt firmer, generally, our performance in the gym was improved and we got better sleep too. We even felt like our periods were slightly lighter and we got fewer cramps than normal.

In terms of side effects, there’s nothing really to note. We were looking out for the signs that we were taking on too much testosterone. For example, facial hair, acne and hair loss – but nothing that dramatic happened at all. Bonus.

Key point: We found plenty of benefits, but no side effects with TestoFuel


TestoFuel is safe

It’s one thing hearing that they get results, but we know you want to know how safe it is to supplement your diet with TestFuel. Don’t worry girls, we wouldn’t send something your way unless we knew it was the real deal.

One thing that impressed us when we started our TestoFuel review was how open and honest the makers of the product are.

They’ve used all of the latest science and studies to create a testosterone booster made from 100% natural, tried and tested ingredients. They’ve also been open about what’s in their formula, and don’t hide behind scary ‘proprietary blends’. What does proprietary blends even mean?! We don’t want to find out.

What’s more, the people behind TestoFuel, Roar Ambition, are so confident you’ll get results from your TestoFuel, they’re willing to give a full refund to anyone who doesn’t see the results after 90 days of taking the supplement.


How to take TestoFuel

To give you an accurate review of TestoFuel, we took the supplement as recommended on the website. We decided to go for the recommended 90-day course to start with to get the full effects of the supplement.

The recommended daily amount is four capsules spread out across the day, to accompany a snack or a meal. This is how we planned it out:


Capsule one: 7 am with breakfast

Capsule two: 11 am with a light snack

Capsule three: at 1 pm with lunch

Capsule four: 4 pm with a mid-afternoon snack


As it’s a good idea to take the supplement with food, we always had a snack on hand, as apparently, the DAA makes you feel a little ill.


What are other people saying?

We’re aware that you’re savvy fitness girls and you may need more than just our word for you to take the plunge with TestoFuel. Check out the testimonial section of their website and see what you think. We have to say there are some very impressive before and after shots in there and we love a transformation pic.


TestoFuel – The Round-Up

The results speak for themselves girls.

We started to feel the benefits of this supplement within just a few days of taking it. Over the course of 90 days, we began to feel more energetic, positive and we got stronger too. On top of that, we started to burn through more fat.

The all-natural ingredients and the tried and tested formula in this supplement seem to be working their magic, because we honestly haven’t felt this ready to smash the gym in ages.

Whether you’re feeling unmotivated, you’ve hit a plateau in your workout routine or you simply want to try something natural and powerful to take your gym sessions up a notch, TestoFuel might be the smart way to go.

Visit the TestoFuel website for more information on the supplement, or to give it a go yourself.


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