Transform Your Body With 4 Easy To Do Exercises

Keep it simple, and make gains

Body Transformation

Looking for an easy workout? All you’ll need to transform your body is four exercises that can be performed anywhere. They are great for coming back after a long period of inactivity, or an injury.

Don’t think that since you can do these anywhere that they are not effective. These exercises are an integral part of a strong and balanced physique, so don’t skip out on them.

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1. Leg Raises

While crunches seem to be the most popular ab workout, leg raises are much more beneficial. They not only target your upper abs, but your lower abs, and obliques.

Start this exercise by lying down on the ground. Raise your legs until they reach a 90-degree position. After a short pause, slowly lower your legs to the ground. The slower and more controlled your movements, the better.

2. Push-Ups

Push-ups are the most popular body weight exercises because they are effective. They target your chest, triceps, and full body, while giving you a great cardio workout.

Push Up

First, start with your hands shoulder-width apart. Make sure your back is straight while you lower yourself to the floor and back up to your starting position.

Regular push-ups are too easy for you? Try variations like clap push-ups, or weighted push-ups. Too hard for you? Place your hands on a higher object than feet to make push-ups easier.

3. Dips

If you’re looking for a more challenging exercise for your triceps and chest, try out dips. While these work best with a dip bar, you can do dips between any two sturdy surfaces.

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Perform dips by raising your legs from the ground and by holding yourself up with your arms. Lower yourself to where your arms reach a 90-degree position. Press yourself back up to the starting position and repeat the process.

Try a different grip width to test your strength and target different muscles.

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