15 Things Nobody Told Me About Running

When I was in high school, my cross country team wore t-shirts that said “Our sport is your sport’s punishment.” Everyone knows running is hard. Most of us cannot wait until a run comes to an end.

Running is usually most people’s least favorite form of cardio because very little is appealing about it. When I was a runner, I had a hard enough time getting motivated to do extra distance outside of practice because it was so difficult. And once it get’s tiring, most of us are ready to throw in the towel so we can do something else, preferably something that includes lifting heavy stuff.running1

Here are 15 things that I learned about running:

1. It’s Always Better With A Buddy

Long, excruciating runs have built some of the closest friendships. We’d talk and motivate one another between breaths for eight miles. It’s always easier to go to the gym when you have someone tagging along, holding you accountable—it’s the same with running. Since running is such an individual activity when you aren’t thinking about reps, it’s nice to have someone there to talk to, if you can muster up a coherent sentence.friends

2. Revel In Your Stretch Time

There is nothing better than finishing a 10-mile run and doing some long, slow stretches. Running made me look forward to stretching.karlie-stretch-1

3. Shoes Will Become Important To You In A Whole New Way

When you start tallying up the miles, you’re going to need another pair of kicks other than the ones used for lifting. It’ll be essential to run around the shoe store to be certain you choose the perfect fit. You’ll also cringe at the thought of paying more than $90 for any other kind of shoes, but you’ll jump on the chance to buy a pair of running shoes for that same price.Shoes3

4. You’ll Become Obsessed With Your Feet

Running has a lot of impact on the state of your feet. You’ll constantly check to see if you need to clip your toenails or shave your legs, and you’ll forget about everything else—like plucking your eye brows. You’ll also get blisters and callouses, and take pride in how many bandaids you’ve plastered on your toes and heels. Pedicures will be the treat of a lifetime and will have to happen before any kind of formal occasion.pedicure

5. Bodily Functions Will Scar You At First

At your first race, you will see a runner pee in the bushes, and you will cringe at the sight of them doing their business in public. No fear, soon you will get over your aversion to port-a-potties, and you will be the one peeing in the woods.peeing5

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