Fitness Model Removes Breast Implants | Crissi Carvalho

Crissi Carvalho removes breast implants

There’s one fitness model who’s recently done something that you don’t see everyday, and that’s removing her breast implants.

If you were thinking this was due to some illness or complication with her implants (or otherwise) you’re totally wrong!

She’s decided to go back to being 100% natural on her own accord. Even if that meant losing her breast size in the process.

Who’s the athlete we’re talking about? It’s Crissi Carvalho a.k.a veganfitnessmodel.

We’re not totally sure what prompted Crissi to do this in the first place.

Perhaps she’s trying to get back to her roots of a natural athlete. Or maybe she’s had enough of the ‘fake’ fitness industry.

Crissi Carvalho removal of her breast implants was a bold decision, but it looks as though it’s turned out for the best – she now feels a lot better in her own skin.

Crissi Carvalho removes breast implants

Why Crissi Removed Her Breast Implants

Here’s Crissi talking about how she felt after the silicone removal:

“I find this interesting, as since removing my breast implants, my dreadlocks so many people have reached out, and have also been inspired to make some changes in their lives.

My choice was to not only change my physical appearance but my health in the short n long term, and my everyday life. I find it liberating to re-create anything in life, my career, the city I live and myself even at almost 45. It truly allows a different perspective on life to be experienced.

Removing my silicon implants has bought me a new total look, to be honest I was a scared to put on a bikini again, my scars are still raw, but the feeling of being itty is great, I can sleep on my tummy again and wear any top again. I truly feel more free now, and 2kg lighter literally. A few more changes coming, getting back into training, prep and work!.”

Summing it Up!

If you are thinking of removing your breast implants, or you’re just weighing up the pros and cons of having breast implants, then you might want to look into Crissi’s story – you could save yourself a lot of money and emotional baggage.

We hope Crissi’s story of ‘breast implant removal’ has inspired you, or in some part given you food for though as to why people might not want breast implants after years of living with them.

Either way, at least Crissi has faced her fears and stepped up to the plate.

By doing so, she’s now a healthier and happier person because of it.

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