Commitment Phobe: What You Can Do To Stick To Fitness For Life

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If you’re starting up on a health and fitness plan, one thing that you must make sure you’re doing is approaching it with a forever attitude.

Far too many people jump onto a workout program knowing they are going to work hard until they reach their goal weight.

But once that goal weight is achieved? Yeah… they’ll figure it out then.

Very often the mindset is that they will put in the necessary work to lose the weight, but once they’re back down again, exercise is the last thing on their mind.

The problem with this is that not only are they then going to miss out on all the health promoting benefits exercise provides, but it’s very likely that the weight will creep back onto their body and once again, they will find themselves in the same position of having to start up on yet another diet and workout program.

If you can instead commit for life – make this a new way that you will lead your lifestyle, then you can rest assured that once you reach your goal weight, chances are good you will maintain it.
Let’s have a brief look at some of the key things that you need to know.

Find Exercise You Enjoy

excerciseThe very first and possibly most important thing that you must do if you are going to stick to a workout for life is to make sure that you find an exercise that you enjoy.

Hate running?

Then don’t do it.

You would be amazed at how many people will force themselves to the gym regularly to do an activity that they just don’t like. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you – enough said.

There are plenty of exercise varieties that you can use to get into good shape, so you definitely don’t have to be doing something you hate.

Find something you enjoy and actually look forward to. If you do, you’ll never want to miss a session.

Work Hard, But Rest Hard As Well

Second, it’s important that you are working hard because high effort is what yields results.

But that said, you also need to learn the value of rest as well. If you aren’t resting enough between your workouts, you’ll always be coming back in an overly fatigued state.

And, when that is the case, chances are you won’t be enjoying yourself regardless of what you’re doing.

If you feel miserable doing something, you won’t like it no matter what and if you aren’t resting and recovering, make no mistake, you will feel miserable.

Remember that fitness doesn’t have to mean hard exercise seven days a week.

Exercise hard four days and then on the other three, do something lighter than you enjoy. This can really help to make sure you maintain a positive association with exercise.

Get Social

Get SocialMoving along, consider adding a social element to your workout sessions as well. Most people are social by nature so if they are getting active with other people, they are almost always going to find this more enjoyable than if they are getting active alone.

Start up on a team sport, get a workout buddy, or join a group fitness class. All of these will help you enjoy it more and likely even work harder.

If you put in more hard work, that will also mean faster progress.

Remember that you can always mix workout varieties as well. If you like the solitude while you go for your long run on the weekend but want the fun group atmosphere on the Thursday night volleyball games you do – so be it. The more varieties of exercise you get in, the better conditioning you’ll have as well.

Set Regular Goals

It’s also important that you’re taking the time to set some regular workout goals as well. Remember to keep updating your goals as soon as you’ve achieved them. This way, you always have something new that you can work toward.

A big reason why many people fall off the workout bandwagon is simply because they reached their initial goal. And, after they reached it, they failed to set a new goal so now their workouts didn’t really have any form of higher purpose.

Without this higher purpose, you can’t really expect yourself to continue on for much longer since those workouts may now feel pointless to you. Especially if you are someone who is very outcome oriented and doesn’t especially just love movement for the way it feels, you absolutely must have a goal in place to work towards.

While some lucky individuals will want to exercise even if no goal is obtained simply because they love how it makes their body feel, not everyone is so lucky to feel this way.

Goals will help get those people committed.

Know The Difference Between Good And Bad Pain

Good Pain, Bad PainFinally, the last important thing to do if you want to ensure that you commit for life to your workout protocol is to know the difference between good and bad pain. Many people fail with this as well and it’ll really come back to haunt you.

While some muscular soreness is perfectly normal and natural, high levels of muscle soreness or sheer pain is not. If you don’t know the difference and are doing exercise that puts you in sheer pain on a regular basis, you likely won’t be sticking to that exercise for long – not many people ever would.

Furthermore, you very well may injure yourself as well, so that’ll be come another huge issue. If you’re sidelined, you may not ever get back into it for fear of being sidelined and in pain once again.

So keep these quick tips in mind so that you can stick with your workout program over time. Commit to leading this lifestyle forever and as time passes, it’ll just be something you do rather than something you have to consciously think about.

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