The Best Fitness Memes On The Planet

Fitness memes are all over the internet. Most are stupid, while some are golden. We’ve been in the office working all day and night to create literally the world’s finest meme collection for our viewers.

Sit back and drink that protein shake while we crush dreams, make people cry, and probably offend you.

The Best Fitness Memes On The Planet 2

Jeff Seid, really bro? You’re telling me modeling in your underwear is the only way that you can make money? Jeff Seid didn’t just sell out, he literally switched teams to make an extra buck.. Oh Jeff, get a job as a personal trainer before this gets any further. On the other hand, if G4P works that well…

The Best Fitness Memes On The Planet 3

Rich Piana, the industry leader in steroid abuse and failed marriages. How is it that we’ve chosen this guy to represent all of us gym-goers? How did we go so wrong? And HOW did he ever convince anyone to marry him? I guess she found out really quick that maybe we was lying about not having copious amounts of roid rage.

Looks like she stole some of his synthol and put them into dem boobies.

The Best Fitness Memes On The Planet 4

What is a Youtube session without Mike Chang showing up? This guy makes me want to give up fitness so I never have anything in common with him. Go eat pizza Mike, we don’t like you.

Not only do we not like you, we aren’t falling for the recycled garbage you spam us with ads for.

The Best Fitness Memes On The Planet 5

Ah, Connor Murphy, I could’ve written my whole post about how much I dislike him as a person. Instead, I will leave this meme here, hope he finds it, and maybe it’ll convince him to delete his Youtube channel, and stop taking his shirt off.

Does he even lift?

The Best Fitness Memes On The Planet 6

Bradley Martin has to be the biggest bone-head in the fitness industry, and that hairline certainly isn’t doing him any good. I mean really bro? Spend more money on hair follicles and less on steroid abuse.

He’s one of the only people that you laugh at simply by putting his name as the meme.

The Best Fitness Memes On The Planet 7

Rich Piana is single handedly making me never want to do steroids, so for that, I thank him. Rich you have encouraged the world to make better life decisions because of how poorly you make them.

Buy his supplements, too. They are as garbage as his advice.

More savage memes on the next page…

The Best Fitness Memes On The Planet 8

Simeon Panda, this guy lies so much he deserves to be in jail. If only Trump decided to target steroid abusers instead of immigrants, Simeon would be the first one grabbed.

The Best Fitness Memes On The Planet 9

Ulisses Jr. an icon right? Wrong, more like a steroid fiend, and part-time swimmer apparently. Michael Phelps would lap this dude.

“Yeah mon, it’s time to go down to da river mon”

The Best Fitness Memes On The Planet 10

Kali Muscle has been in jail longer than Bill Clinton has been alive. This photo came from a site I found where he had previously done work as a gay stage act. Is all this jail time getting to his head?

Maybe he should stop letting dudes swing from those nipples.

The Best Fitness Memes On The Planet 11

Why does Ronnie Coleman cry more than he smiles? I mean, a great physique. Unfortunately, he has the emotional capacity of a 2 year old. Good thing he was a cop.

But hey, ain’t nothin but a peanut, right?

The Best Fitness Memes On The Planet 12

Thanksgiving is here and your little cousin shows up that you haven’t in a few years. Just kidding, it’s Phil heath. A champion, or a little chubby baby? You tell me.

If you look at his face it looks like he just officially got away with eating your Buffalo Wild Wings that you put behind the milk so he wouldn’t find it.

Wrapping It Up

So there you have it, a few memes with enough savagery to back them up. Enjoy your workouts, get big, and lighten up. Happy roasting! We hope you enjoyed our little taste of memes.

The Best Fitness Memes On The Planet 13

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